Saturday, September 1, 2012

We are still the 99

Hello Friends;

  I don't think I posted too much about he 1% controversy in the recent past.  But, it's very real, isn't it?

  When the issue came up, those many short months ago, it was so polarizing. Fox News, of course, came out on the side of the so-called 1%, calling anyone who thought there was a problem a bum, a hand-out, a leach upon the "job makers" of society.  I did a post about Geraldo Rivera, the one time "people's champion" of the pseudo-journalistic world.  Well, he sold out, but never left the pseudo portion...

  Still and all, if you ask people working hard for their wages, you will find they simply aren't doing quite so well today as they once were.  Some people place blame on the government - which is unfair, really.  In the past years, the government has stepped forth to require a minimum wage considerably higher - really double what it was a short time ago.  Yet, those of us who make more than minimum wage, the proportion hasn't kept pace.  Now, who controls that?  It isn't Mr. Obama....

 Do we still talk about the 1% issue?  Not really.  It's gone the ways of all shiny things - losing their luster until replaced by something more new, more shiny.  Easier.

  If you asked the majority of the once "middle class", you would find that they love their country.  And, this is not unique to America.  Most people, unless in a horrible environment, love their country.  It's their home!  I typically would characterize myself somewhere in the lower middle class - not that I make much money, but I have fewer expenses.  Even still, I don't have the disposable income I once had.  I don't see my savings growing.... and expenses come despite the fact that I work very hard, and very long hours.

  Yet even still, I'm not complaining.  I'm overweight, so no meals missed.  I'm under a roof.  My truck runs well.  I don't mind hard work.

  But, those who are running our country have no problem pointing back and forth, declaring their party just itching to have the opportunity to "fix" things.  Somehow, as we cheer on our favorite leader, we don't realize that we are bent over the table in this little charade as they each talk how they are really on our side and make promises to be gentle in this gang rape. 
  I guess this is just the way things will always be.  There will always be the royals, and there will always be the 99% of us who somehow pay them to do this to us.  Got me how it got to this twisted and surreal place, and I have no idea how sanity could ever be found again.  I'm just saddened that we are now here, and all we can do is grab our ankles and smile as we cheer on our favorite.

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Anonymous said...

Guten Morgen Randy,
you're right - I want to add one more thought.
Apparently need the 99% always someone they can idolize. Although this 1% live at the expense of the general public - politicians, royalty, aristocrats, movie stars, athletes, etc. - and many of them receive their income on doubtful way, or take up residence in tax havens / fiscal paradise - but are herorisiert by the yellow press as a national hero.
I think that the big media companies have the task of keeping the remaining 99% to be in awe of the deified heroes.
What would be a doped athlete on the podium, if nobody would cheer him when he, played for the national anthem, places his right hand over his heart.
Ich wünsche Dir einen schönen Sonntag