Friday, September 21, 2012

Well, never so good at Math....

Hello My Friends;

  Not so long ago, I told you how I was one of the 99%.  Well, after hearing young Mitt speak, I guess I'm getting a whole lot closer to the top!  I'm now one of the 47%!  Wooo Hooo!

  Yep.  I am dependent upon the "Government Dole".  Oh, don't get me wrong - between my two jobs, I work somewhere between 48 and 54 hours a week - down from 60+ now with the new position.  And, being single male, I pay a hefty bit of tax.  And, I pay a fair bit in property tax, sales tax, gas tax, "sin tax" (I drink beer), etc.  Still, I'm on the government dole...... I'm one of those crazy ones, don't you know, who want to eat, have health care - and I want the government make sure it's available.  Yep.  That's me - a 47%er.

  Like yesterday; I went to the market.  You would not believe it, but I drove on ROADS!  Oh, I felt so embarrassed to not be blazing a trail through the countryside on my own, but I'm a government dependent type, so I used the roads the government built. 
  Of course, still being one of those government needy types, I drove my pick-up, complete with all the government mandated equipment, like puncture resistant gas tank, tires to government spec., and would you believe I wore my seat belt!
  While on the way, I passed one of the government types who patrol the roads looking for those who put my life in jeopardy by not following the government mandated rules - like what side of the road to use, speed, following distance, stop signs.  Oh, the craziness.  It was short lived, though, because that government type guy went rushing off to help some nice people who challenged the laws of physics and lost - but they were ok, as their vehicles were equipped with the government mandated safety equipment and their car was equipped with bumpers and crumple zones so they could survive an accident.
  When I got to the market, being one of those needy types, I didn't slaughter my cow myself.  Nope.  I bought meat from an already slaughtered cow.  I was even sure to get a package that came from one of those government law controlled slaughterhouses that have to use healthy animals, in a healthy environment, and even use refrigeration and stuff.  Sorry, I'm a wimp.  I only needed a pound of ground round, seemed a bit senseless to kill Bessy myself and do all the work.... well, like I said, I'm a 47%er government dole needy type. I'm not even going to tell you about how I shamefully bought vegetables that weren't grown in human waste.
  Oh, my friends, you would not believe... I passed by the pharmacy while in the store.  You know, they put medicines in there that the government makes the drug companies make correctly!?!  Yep, they can't just put anything in a bottle, tell us it will cure whatever....   What softies we are.
  I won't tell you about the hospital where the government makes the doctors and nurses wash their hands and other craziness like licensing and stuff.
   Well, I'm so embarrassed to go on.  I'm just not one of those independent types no matter how hard I try.  I'll never be like Mitt - a self made man who brought himself up from nothing.  Nope.  I'm not one who is able to travel in a conveyance I created myself, over uncharted lands, killing and dressing out my own meat as I go.  I'm just one of those sucking on the government teat.  Damn.

  Ok, sarcasm aside.  You know what really pisses me off?  It's not the fact that I'm paying taxes so this asshole can go around pimping out our country to the fat cat rich, I'm pissed that he is so enamored with the rich that he would forget that his goal should not be to kick the 47% who don't pay taxes due to being poor, being elderly, being on health assistance, or being a kid, but to bring all Americans up to the point where we are so wealthy that we don't have the poor, the hungry, the sick or the needy! 


Sammy B said...

Hello Randy
Romney is pandering to those paying the bills - the 1% who want a creature of their own in the White House, someone who would make it easier for them to make even more money at the expense of the 99%. And if a few die of food poisoning, dangerous cars or industrial pollutants, then that's a small price for the 99% to pay, of course. There are so many of them, after all, who would miss a few million here or there?

Love & best wishes
Sammy B

Scottie said...

I love your post. I often wonder why people who are wealthy don't admit that the rest of the country provides the infrastructure that helps them get wealth and keep it. Also most wealthy people start out with help. I guess it must be ego. Hugs

Evan said...

So well said Randy! I find it amazing there are people that actually share that view. Do they not realize how much they truly rely on government services or do they just think they deserve special benefits somehow without paying for it?


randy said...

Hi Sammy, Scottie and Evan;

Sorry to be late on responding - I was out of town seeing my parents. They are doing fine, btw.
I have to tell you, I just read an article in which the politicians view "Middle Income" as $200,000 to $250,000/yr. It would take me MANY years to gross $200g/yr! So, if these folks are so out of it to presume that outrageous sum as middle income, it's no wonder they have no concept of "normalicy in America", or elsewhere, for that matter.
Well, thank you all for commenting!


Scottie said...

Hey from 99% to 47 that an improvement? many hugs

randy said...

I'm not sure, Scottie;
But, I think it gets me closer to the 1%. Doesn't it?