Tuesday, October 9, 2012

May Sanity Prevail.


Scottie said...

OH MY GODS..words from the mouth of babies....this sis so good, please forgive my re-posting this. This is grand. Hugs my friend.

randy said...

Hi Scottie;
I am humbled and honored by any reposting you would like to do.
Today I was at a rescue adoption event, transporting and handling a beautiful german shepherd female who has had a really rough start to life. Her owner died, passing her down to an heir, who had her tied in a pen with a logging chain wrapped around her neck. The dominate male in the pen with her was freaking out with the chain on his neck and took it out on her so much that she refused to come out of her doghouse - even defecating in there rather than be mauled again.
She was all wiggles when I went to pick her up. We used a harness for her rather than a collar - her neck is a bit sensitive yet - and she was too wiggly to get into the darn thing!
That poor beaten up dog was so full of love and need to be loved! She rode in the truck so nice, even falling asleep with her chin on my leg as I drove her home after the adoption event.
We didn't find a new forever home for her, but I sure fell for her.
How is it that dogs can be more loving and rational than man? We sure have a lot to learn.