Saturday, December 22, 2012

Lend a hand this Christmas!

 Hello Everyone!  May your Christmas season be filled with opportunities to be the hand that lifts, the heart that opens, the smile that brightens, the feet that take you to that one who needs you.  And in the moment, may you be fulfilled, joyous.  Remember, there is more to this year than gifts; it is a holiday of hope.
  If you are hurting, lonely, sad - write me. 
 We can make it through together!
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Scottie said...

Randy I have always said your a GRAND man. Your statement in green on my screen proves it. Your willing to put your self out there to help others, any others, who you wont know until they contact you, and you will use your many gifts and talents to help them.

To me that is incredibly unselfish, wonderfully compassionate and loving.

I thank you for the many times you have helped me, the times I struggled with things too big for me to handle. Other times you helped me understand subjects I couldn't figure out on my own. You have been the friend I needed, you have been the shoulder I needed at times, and you never once asked me what I could do for you. That is so impressive in our overwhelmingly selfish society.

I am so happy you took the time to write to me that day so long ago. What a positive thing in my life. I wish for you the same positive and much happiness. If I have any influence with the universe, I ask that you get recognition for the great things you do, the compassion in your heart, and of course all the presents you want.

Many hugs and happy holidays. HUGS

randy said...

Thank you, Scottie;
But, you know, life is a two way street. We meet people, share, and come away richer. That simple response to your post so long ago has drastically improved my life - and that I could help you in any small or great way is bonus.
Same with that unknown person out there.