Thursday, January 10, 2013

Ok, he's an insane little dinosaur, isn't he.

Hi Friends;

  I am so sorry to have been quiet for a while.  I go through depressions now and again - thankfully not those gut wrenching-can't get out of bed depressions, just the blues.  But, I find that I have to struggle to keep a good attitude during such times and I just about wore myself out doing that.  Going further, though.... I really didn't have much to say. 

  Today I was watching a very interesting documentary on Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  He was a bit before my time, and what an interesting person!  I couldn't help but repeatedly hear mirrors of the struggles as we LGTB.

  So, in doing a bit of surfing, I see this trash.      Who is this guy?  I can't believe anyone takes him seriously, but, they do.

   I do tire of the way some find justification in fabrications.  I'm not a stickler for facts vs. opinion, but I do expect opinion to have some sort of factual support.

  And that, I guess, brings me back to Mr. Fisher and my earlier viewing of MLK, Jr. documentary.....

I found the speeches here:

There is something in the soul that cries out for freedom. There is something deep down within the very soul of man that reaches out for Canaan. Men cannot be satisfied with Egypt. They tried to adjust to it for awhile. Many men have vested interests in Egypt, and they are slow to leave. Egypt makes it profitable to them; some people profit by Egypt. The vast majority, the masses of people never profit by Egypt, and they are never content with it. And eventually they rise up and begin to cry out for Canaan’s land.

MLK's background conversations all spoke about the necessity of the populace to become tired of allowing the repeated denial of equality.  He spoke often about the town where the demonstration was orchestrated was not the audience, just the back drop.  The true audience is the nation and world at large.  I must admit, I am guilty of being somewhat content with life in Egypt, as MLK talks about above, in that I am living quite closeted; in slavery to the injustice of current America - so, admitting that, I can also see that Mr. Fischer seems quite content that we all stay in Egypt.  He isn't satisfied in freedom.  He feels the need to not only subjugate but to justify subjugating people.

  The good news, much like America today in regard to Civil Rights of African Americans, Negros, Blacks.... I get lost in the names over the decades so how about we call them PEOPLE!, so too is America growing tired of these Fischer types.  Where once Ellen DeGeneres lost her show for coming out, and where Will and Grace came and went - now Modern Family shows that people are people are people, so too are the very PEOPLE this man feels justified in subjugating.  It reportedly took 40 years to reach Canaan from Egypt, so who knows how long this journey will take.  What I do know, this goof will fall off his flat earth sometime - hopefully - soon.


Scottie said...

Hello Randy...I have a thought....what is the gay closet? I mean do we have a straight closet also. Where I work we have transport people, mostly young boys 18-21 years old who push people in wheelchairs or gurneys, they transport. It is a hard job and the young fit guys love it. Here is the thing...almost all of these boys are shy and nervous of sex and sexuality...make a joke and they giggle like grade school kids. A couple have told me they still live at home and don't even date...much less have..Well they seem clueless how to make the moves needed to get to that spot....maybe I was the same at their age, I look back and it was different for me.

So are these people in the closet also? I am all for standing up for our rights, and I guess you could say I have been "out" in one way or another all my life. I never was much of a conformist. But I also never felt a need to introduce my self as "hi I am Scottie, I am a gay guy" Now if some one asks, or mentions something about gay, or in general conversation I have mentioned my other half works at the same place, and I was asked how "she " liked it, I just quietly corrected that person to "he". No fuss no harm no fowl.

I have never had anyone agonize to me over being straight or Bi..and II think Bi is cool, twice as much I never saw the need to agonize over being gay. Yes being an openly gay person has cost me job promotions, but it also has been a great way to to meet, help and simply be. I like who I am, and who I am attracted to, can't imagine wanting to change that. What I want to change is people and ideas that think it is OK to hurt those that are gay.

Hope this made some sense. Hugs

randy said...

Hi Scottie;
I think people are afraid of being judged, of being ridiculed, of being singled out and made a social pariah. The issue is not the closet, it is - as you say - that a closet is felt necessary.
The wonderful thing is that as time goes on, the folks like this one who are so small become an ever shrinking voice of insanity.

hugs, my brother;