Sunday, April 14, 2013

In the Grab for Power, Souls are Rendered, Lives Destroyed, Money Made....

Hello Friends;

  I've been working through another of my reoccurring depressions.  I only mention it for those who wonder about dry posting, my lack of response to comments, etc.  I am fortunate that I deal with a very minor form of depression, but I find that it comes upon me more often.  So, it is one thing I have learned to work around and I've even learned that responding to sadness with laughter has a curative effect.  My very good friend in Florida is great medicine for me.

  In reading this article (following), I am reminded again of my own experiences.  I have struggled with my own identity.  I have too often had such desire to be liked, to be accepted, and yet I have repeatedly failed.  It is strange for me that when I am working with the animals, just being me, that I feel so incredible at the privilege.

  As a younger man and teen, I studied the Bible.  Not to the extent of being an expert, not anywhere close, but I know what it says.  If one is looking closely, the Bible is an explanation to the Hebrew nation that their struggles are all explainable and understandable as a plan of God.  We all need that, I guess; that belief that there is more to life than the pain and heartache that life sometimes brings to us.  We all need to feel that we are important, cared for, and that there is hope.  And, to a great extent, we need to know that whatever we are doing it is the right thing.

  Religion is great for this.  Religion gives structure.  Religion tells us what to do in what situation, and where we will be at the end of it all.  As a person who studied psychology and sociology, I get that.  As one who studied the Bible, I also feel that pull, that need for a loving God who will hold me and tell me that I am forgiven, that I did ok, that I am welcome.  And, yet, as a gay man, I am dismayed to find that others who call themselves by the same religious identification I have regard me as evil, destined for hell and damnation.  And, as a one-time christian, I am shocked and embarrassed by the judgemental and hateful words coming from those who were commanded to love.

  I have stumbled upon a strange understanding of life; I want so very much to be Christ-like, and I want so very much to never be thought of as christian.

  Please read the following article if you wish.  I found it heartbreaking and far too real.



Jay M. said...

An interesting Dan Savage column, about an interesting book. Dunno if I want to read it, given Dan's review, but maybe that's why I should.

I hope the upswing for you comes soon. I know that I, too, get depressed and was almost at a nadir last week, even with some very high days in there. We shall carry on!

Peace <3

Scottie said...

Hello Randy. I read this several times to really get it in my head. Faith is different than religion I think. Faith is trust and acceptance, a quiet calm place of strength and refuge inside your self.

Religion is a public display of ritual and is geared to the promotion and status of the worshiped and worshipers.

I think that to be "Christ like" is different than being a "christian". I work with different people who are more proud of their religion, than their faith. However I found both PT's and CO-Workers who have a huge amount of faith, and what they have is quite amazing. I was asked by one elderly PT to pray with them. I said of course I would, but I had a different faith and was not really religious and did not belong to a church. The reply I got was this " That is OK, the one we are going to pray to doesn't just belong to any one church, nor to any one religion, and he likes to listen to everyone who is willing to take the time to reach out to talk to him" we prayed. Hugs