Sunday, June 16, 2013

I grew this!  
Makes me giggle - I have the growing talents of the grim reaper.


Anonymous said...

I have a black thumb. EVERYTHING that does not grow naturally in my yard will die. Yet, I can't seem to kill the poison ivy, or hitchhikers, or other ridiculous weeds!

Peace <3

randy said...

Oh Jay;
I had a huge patch of poison ivy this year. I looked like I was going into nuclear waste dumps when I suited up to pull it. I had my cuffs taped to my gloves and boots, a hat, and I had to use the fence post and house corner to push my glasses back up - didn't dare touch my face.
But, there is a poison ivy spray. It doesn't work very well, have to spray numerous times. I used that and then tried to be sure to pull the vine and roots that were burried/brown.
By the way - still got spots of rash. :(