Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Conformist Agenda

The Homosexual Agenda.   I think there are supposed to be some ominous minor chords played on a loud yet subtly out of tune pipe organ after those few words.  It has been a joke among those in the gay community and a threat of dire implications from the fear mongers in the right wing.  The Homosexual Agenda.  Oooh!  Goose bumps!

  Well, I'll get to my point:  Only those who speak ill of us seem to have a definition of this feared Homosexual Agenda.  I certainly don't.  I talked with Scottie, and he said he never got the mailing on this defining marching order for our particular parade either.    But, after years of searching, I think I've found the answer that seemed to elude me.  Perhaps the reason being, it is so very basic and simple as to be a core of us all.  That then brings this picture that I found floating in computer world:  

  The simple argument of all those who fight this fight is this fundamental idea:  homosexual people are people just like any other and deserve to be treated with the same rights, respect, and expectations as any other person.

  What I find most intriguing about the argument of those on the far right is that a lgbt is not a person, is not to be given the respect, the rights, and the expectations of those who have followed a different course.  Somehow, we are to be feared.  Somehow we are going to shake the very foundations of the country.  It makes me question how they come to this conclusion.

  On the face of things, saying to someone who clearly does not see a person of the opposite gender as attractive, sexy, desirable, that the only way they can love is to in fact love someone of the opposite gender, .... well, I'm sorry, it makes no sense.  It's illogical in the extreme. 

  I've come to believe over the years that people, Americans - as that is my only real experience, sorry - seem to need someone to be the enemy.  We are a country founded on striving, fighting.  Our colonists sought a new world where they could flex their boundaries, subjugating other whites, natives, Africans, Asians, etc., whenever necessary or profitable, or quite frankly when needing entertainment.  Those of the less obvious "sexual orientation" difference are now the targets of this hate, this need to press down and feel superior towards.  While the catch words of "diversity" seem to make some feel all fuzzy, the reality is that there are those who see anything other than easily predictable and controlled conformity as a threat.
  Star Trek was/is such a hit in America for the very reasons that the wagon trains were a romantic hit 150+ years ago.  The exploration of new areas is a fantastic dream.  "To boldly go where no man has gone before".  Wow, if you read history, you will find that idea over and over again.  The wagon trains trespassed on other people's lands.  That was ok, they were natives and not really people, you see.  And, it seems like Captain Kirk was constantly screwing or fighting someone, and it was exciting as all get out.  To be the big man, the leader, the conqueror, the powerful and mighty...  Well, see, it's a trick to do that in a world where there is no "great beyond".   Who can one oppress, overcome, be greater than?

  The "homosexual agenda" is oddly named, yet the very definition of American failure:  the inability to see a different person as still a person worthy of respect, of rights.  Perhaps as one of the feared homosexuals, this is unfair to say, but;  America has no need to fear a "Homosexual Agenda".  What America needs to fear is a "Conformist Agenda".  Homosexuals want only the freedom to love and be loved, the Conformists want to control and be in control. 


Anonymous said...

I can't add a thing, man! This says it perfectly. Oh, and when you find a copy of that "homosexual agenda", please send me a copy, I want to make sure I'm on the same sheet of music as the rest of those queers out there!

Peace <3

Scottie said...

Randy, I agree with said it clearly and wonderfully. I will re-post this if you don[t mind. I have always found your writings to be clear, direct , and able to connect with people. It is a talent you refuse to let your self see. Hugs

randy said...

Hi Jay;
I don't think I'll ever find it, except the picture there. But, that doesn't count because it isn't ominous and frightening enough. You have to wonder about "loving" people who hate so much...


randy said...

Hi Scottie;

of course, I don't mind. Glad you liked it.
Thank you for the compliment.