Saturday, July 27, 2013

Jay and Sammy's Comments

Hi Jay and Sammy, and everyone!;

  I wanted to respond to your great comments in post form.  I am still searching my thoughts on the post you offered your comments;
  As I considered fear, as I considered the spreading and maintenance of fear, I began to think on the concepts of prejudice.  Now, most people in our day and age would be quite adamant that they are not prejudice.  I am sure that many of their best friends are black, chinese, irish, gay.... add tag here...  Interestingly enough, it wasn't all that long ago that there were comments along the line that "Irish" were undesirables.  "Italians".  "Native Americans/Indians".  Again.... add tag here.  People are talking a lot about Hatians, Mexicans, and if you talk with some in Florida you will here a lot about Canadians.  People see differences in others and, perhaps, a fear response of what that will do to their own position in that little society, perhaps just for someone to hate?  I don't know, but it isn't long before some group of people are deemed undesirable.

  I believe the perpetuation of fear is the culprit.  I believe that the news agencies, like Sammy specifically mentioned, are the culprit.  And, I find it interesting that so few people own such a high majority of the newspapers/media.

  Presumed innocent; looking at someone and thinking that they are no less a man than I, no more into trouble than I, no more likely to pillage, plunder and rape than I, is lost it seems.  Those in power thrive on fear as a motivator, and knowing that frightened people are not the most logically equipped of people, have no problems with ridiculous rants and predictions of doom.

  Thoughts?  Take as much space as you wish.... I would love to find a better direction for my scattered mind.   Hugs.

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Scottie said...

Not sure Randy, but look at what is happening in other countries and it is a signal of where we could be headed if we don't pay attention and keep trying to make it right. Hugs