Sunday, July 21, 2013


I am blessed to be loved.  I am blessed to have someone waiting for me when I come home, deliriously happy to see me.  She loves to cuddle, she loves to play, and she loves to steal the bed from me inch by inch as I sleep.  She makes me smile, laugh, and occasionally shake my head in frustration.  But, always, she loves me.  She is my Gracie.

  Here is a wonderful story of how love is a two way street.  How we are better people because we love, not who we love.    Hugs.  randy.

Animals can become viral stars for any number of reasons: a hilariously grumpy face, an exquisite fashion sense or even just a ridiculous amount of cuteness. But Schoep, the German Shepherd mix who just died at age 20 on Wednesday, owed his internet fame to a photograph taken last summer.

The original image, captured by photographer Hannah Stonehouse Hudson, featured the dog and his owner, John Unger, sharing a peaceful moment in Lake Superior. As the Pioneer Press reports, Unger, of Bayfield, Wisc., began taking his then 19-year-old pet into the water to help soothe the dog’s joint pain from arthritis. The buoyancy of the water, he found, helped lull Schoep to sleep. Unger’s friend Hudson, who wanted to capture the pair’s relationship, snapped the now-famous photo one evening and posted it on Facebook. The touching image soon swept across the web, turning Schoep into a canine celebrity. The original photo has been shared more than 214,000 times over the past year and helped raise funds for the elderly dog’s care. Animal lovers from across the globe donated more than $25,000 to cover veterinary bills, laser eye treatments and medications not just for Schoep, but for other aging dogs from low-income families in need of special care as well.

But unfortunately, just a month after celebrating his 20th birthday, Schoep has passed away.

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A quick note:  20 years old for a German Shepherd is fabulous longevity.  r.
Here is another example of love:


Jay M. said...

So very cool. I remember seeing the picture when it first went viral. So many pets and owners have relationships like this one, it's a shame someone can't capture all of them!

Peace <3

randy said...

Hi Jay!
They say that a dog is man's best friend. Dogs teach loyalty, love, forgiveness, patience and humility - for anyone who has found himself speaking silly things to a smiling fuzz face.
Maybe capturing the thing is less the goal than being a part of it. Even still, anyone who has had a dog can feel it in their heart, I think. It's primal, core deep and real.

Scottie said...

Thanks Randy for mentioning my post. I have never felt so much our poring of unconditional love than from our four legged house mates. Hugs