Monday, July 8, 2013

What is beautiful

Doing a bit of surfing this morning before work.  I couldn't sleep well, got up early.  I saw this pic and as I moved on to other things the thought going through my mind was - "wow, that's beautiful.  How could some see this as the end of the world?".
  I wonder.  Do those who crusade upon the rights of others - not for, but upon - really see this as so very horrible?  Do they not see two people in love, two people who are old enough to make that decision and human enough to feel the passion, the grace that allows such beings as we to care for another and take delight in the very presence of those we love?  I'm sad that such small minded people, stuck on a philosophy and understanding of what is truly Great that was defined 2000 and more years ago in a foreign land where the concept of a bic lighter would be considered miraculous, cannot see that love endures, changes, hopes and holds.  Love is beautiful.