Tuesday, November 26, 2013

and from this goofy turkey to you...

Hello Everyone!

  Tonight... well, perhaps tomorrow night.... is my last long night for the season.  I am finally done with leaf season, and tomorrow night I head up to see Mom and Dad for Thanksgiving.  These 12 and 14 hour days have taken their toll, but I'm feeling good.  I did only one "pro-bono" lawn this year....  couldn't manage to do more with the press of responsibilities and the uncooperative weather.

  So, I want to send off a quick note to everyone with the promise that I'll be more attentive to things in the near future.... you know, after I get home from seeing Mom and Dad.  And, I want to remind us all to be thankful... there are small and great things in our lives for us to be thankful.  I don't always remember that.  Sometimes I get down on the rough spots of my life.  I bet you do, too.  So, please know I send love, I send peace, I send hugs.   Happy Thanksgiving!


Scottie said...

My wonderful brother...who so smartly explained why we are brothers...nicely over looking my great need that until you accepted , you never knew...

I worried about you your entire trip until I decided to get into my tub and just trust you. You have many skills but you are not invaluable, nor invulnerable.

I was glad to get out of my tub and find your message, and you were safe. That made a lot of me happy.

So now we need to work on two things...
One you work way to hard, and second, you live in snow country, and need a 4X4...and yes I will keep pushing this, because I love you and can not live with out you. Hugs bro....Scottie

Anonymous said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Randy! (And Scottie!)

Peace <3

randy said...

Hi Scottie;

I guess a 4wd would be nice... but I couldn't afford it when I bought the truck and I've really not needed it.
Now, if we could only win the lotto, that would solve both problems, eh? I could by a new truck and quit work!!

Hugs my brother;

randy said...

Thanks Jay!

You too, I hope?! I've not been over to your blog yet... need to do that and see how you are doing.