Wednesday, January 22, 2014

For All Who Struggle with those pesky monsters

  Did you ever have a nightmare?  Did you ever feel threatened, chased?  Me too....  Teddy Bears are cool.
  At what point do we become too old for teddy bears?  Or, more to the point, what point do we no longer need to feel loved, to hold someone or something dear and give love to it?  At what age is it that we come to no longer fear the things that go bump in the night?
  I am often wakened with those things that go boom.  I never know if they are real or in my mind.  I usually look to the dog, and if she isn't worried, I figure I'll be fine.  If nothing else, that dog isn't going to let anyone hurt the one who feeds her in the morning!  
  So, I guess I don't have a teddy bear.  I have a Gracie Dog.  And for some reason, this pic Scottie sent to me is way too accurate!

  May all our dreams be wonderful!     Hugs!



Anonymous said...

Love the pic!!! My dogs were never allowed on the bed (because the picture would be literal, they were in the 80-90 pound range and RANGY), but I sure get the sentiment. I have been having some really WEIRD dreams (not necessarily nightmares, but things going on in the sleeping brain that awaken me in a cold sweat), so sometimes I wake up gasping and wondering if something is wrong. I need a nice LITTLE dog to take that 3/4's of the bed to keep me safe, man. I really do.

Peace <3

randy said...

Hi Jay;
You've been saying that for some time... that you would like to have a dog again. Do you think you are ready?
May your dreams be sweet.


Scottie said...

Hello Brother. I love the post, where do you find the videos you do, they stun me.

As to when we loss the need for protectors and for those to look after us....hopefully never. Really, think of this, I would rather have you looking out for me well into my 100's than for one minute forget how important you are.
just as I hope to be able to keep looking after you!

as to sleeping buddies, let me tell you my night. I normally now go to bed much earlier than Ron. The effects of my meds or on days when he can get me to eat, blood sugar rush and crash.
But always one cat or both are with me. during the night they may both stay or trade off. Milo often either watches from the desk next to the bed while Odis lays next to me, or Milo will go to the end stand next to me and lay their with one paw out stretched to touch me. Ron tells me that during the night they are always near me. They even wake me if I get too upset in my sleep, Milo will knock me until I wake or Odis will lick my face until I wake up.
Vicky says they are protectors and guardians, and I think in some ways she may be right; as we protect and give to them, they give back what they can to us.
Hugs and loves. Scottie

randy said...

Hi Scottie;
I agree! I think we need teddy bears well into our old age... it's only society that says we don't. So, we replace the teddy bear with something else. Hopefully, that something else is effective!


Anonymous said...

Hi Randy,
replace it probably with a bike saddle add on with a vibrator inside?? :)
with rainbowhugs
<3 miles

randy said...

Hi Miles;
I know this was meant for the next post. I replied there.