Sunday, January 26, 2014

You have to be careful what you google...

Hello Friends;
  I am a bit at a loss.   See, I'm not getting enough exercise in this really nasty winter we are having.   I was thinking about bringing an old stationary bike I have in the basement up to my office room so that when I'm surfing on the computer or watching tv I could exercise... just need remote keyboard and mouse, right?  Well, then I thought how neat it would be if there were videos and such that would help encourage me to ride.  For instance, scenic ride videos and such.  Hey... I was just looking for what was out there and what would be of help.
  I did not expect to find this.... but, seems like a good idea, sort of....

You really have to be careful what you google, I guess.

by the way, this is what I was really looking for:


Anonymous said...

of course - of course: A horse is a horse of course.
:) :(
with rainbowhugs
<3 miles :)

randy said...

Hi Miles;
If I know you as well as I think I do, what you are telling me is that by using Google I'm going to get odd stuff because google is odd to begin with. But, then again, once you get the concept of a vibrating bike seat in your mind, seeing someone enjoying a bike ride takes a whole new context, eh?

Have a great day!

Scottie said...

Hello Randy. Dang where do I get one of those...LOL.
the fact is the work both for men as well as females which makes me wonder why they are marketed that one gender way.

Good riding my friend
Hugs from Scottie

randy said...

Got me Scottie;
But, made me laugh.

Anonymous said...

That's cool. I want one!

Peace <3

Anonymous said...

@ Jay M:
Why take that damn saddle, why not take the simple thing, it of course can be used in more ways than the saddle. :)
with rainbowhugs
<3 miles