Saturday, February 15, 2014

A few pics and vids

Hello Everyone;

  I thought I would take my camera today when I went to the neighbor's for the dogs to play.  We then took them for a short walk.  It's only about 15 degrees right now, so we didn't keep them out too long.
  Of course, my Gracie is the one in black and grey, and her best friend Cinnamon is, well, cinnamon colored.  We keep the leashes on them because it's easier to grab if a car comes by or something, and that thing you can just see attached to Gracie's leash is a glow light that I use when I walk her at night.

Gracie waiting for me to take a pic.  She's very patient with me....

Gracie getting impatient with my slow walking.

Well, this car isn't moving for a while....


Anonymous said...

Hi Randy,
it is sooo nice how The two dogs are enjoying playing in the snow.
I understand that you meanwhile are not so fond of the snowmasses, over here we haven't had ANY snow this winter, and with 12 degr. C it is so warm, that the yellow and violet crocusses start blooming, but the weather is pretty ugly, it is stormy and raining for hours. The day after tomnorrow we are expectinf to get some sun. - hopefully1 :)
Wish you all the best with loving rainbow-hugs.
<3 Miles

Jay M. said...

Very cool. I know you are tired of the snow, and now, with a 5' high, 6' diameter mass beside my driveway that the endloader shoved there Wednesday, I'll get to "enjoy" it for probably a month!

Peace <3

randy said...

Hi Miles;
The dogs love the snow, but my Gracie isn't really a cold weather dog. She doesn't have a heavy fur coat, and it limits how long I can have her out in the type of temps we've had this year.
Me, I do like the snow, but I think I'm about ready for a new experience. It's been so cold for so long... we've only had one thaw this year, we normally get a number of them - and by thaw I mean temps over 32f/0c.
But, I do prefer snow over rain. Rain seems to just make things dismal, muddy, sad, and the snow, while cold, is at least pretty.
It must be nice to see flowers blooming. I have tulips and daffodils planted in the front yard garden, and I enjoy seeing them push through each spring.
I am very concerned about my back yard, though. Gracie does her business back there, and I've not been able to do a clean up this year like I normally do.... so I bet the grass will either be quite well fertilized or ... well, it will be a mess either way come this upcoming thaw.
Hugs and may sunshine find you!!

randy said...

Hi Jay;
We were talking about that at work this week. Wednesday it is supposed to make the 40's, spelling the end of the winter - well, the coming end. March is notorious in Michigan for craziness. But, it has snowed so much that the plows have lost the concept of a nice place to put the stuff and are just trying to keep it corralled, with mounds at the shopping centers 15 feet high and taking up 10 parking spaces or more. I can't help but to wonder how long that will take to go away??