Sunday, February 2, 2014

Life is Better...

  I believe there is great wisdom in this!

Hello all:

  Yesterday I finally felt that depression slip off my shoulders, like the lead apron they put on you at the dentist's office, and it was such a relief!
  I've had problems with depression my whole life.  Sometimes, it is a light depression that feels more like a weight on my shoulders, like this one, and then other times it is so much that I have a hard time seeing past the doldrums for hope of a better day to come.  Thankfully, I don't get those too often, and even more thankfully I am past this one.
  I've kept my depression hidden for years.  I always figured that it was just me being a wimp.  That's what I could imagine my father telling me; "quit being a wimp, boy!"  The funny thing is, I have a fair education, I know it's actually a chemical imbalance - our bodies are just big chemical factories, and the darn thing is hooked on its own product.  So, I guess I want to tell you out there, the proverbial you that may know someone or be someone that has a similar problem, that it's ok.  Deal with it as you need to deal with it, but know that it's OK.  It doesn't make you less a person, just like a person with a more obvious medical problem isn't less a person because, say, they have a bad leg or something.  

  My way of dealing with it today is to make cookies!  And, by the way, what a shitty world when a man has to bake his own cookies! :)

  But, back to who a person is.... A man isn't a great man because he has a big penis.  He isn't a great man because he has lots of money.  He isn't a great man because he drives a fast car or a luxury car.  A man is a man because he finds ways to fight past those things that block him in time.  A man is a man because he takes responsibility for his wrongs and tries to find ways to make them right, to learn from them, to care for people and animals and himself.  A man is a man  not because what others say of him, not because he wears a fine suit or has a great job that puts him up on a pedestal; a man is a man because he chooses to be.  
  So, believe it or not, the birds are singing, the sun is shining.... ok, not here, but somewhere, right?!... and I'm going to go out and clean some driveways and then make me some cookies.  Might even watch the ball game.  
 Hugs everyone!


Jay M. said...

Cookies are great, no matter who makes them, even elves! Glad you are feeling better, I know depression, at any level, is tough to deal with.

Peace <3

randy said...

Hi Jay;
It's weirdly exhausting. On the one level, I know that there is nothing wrong with me, but on the other, I just can't get moving. I normally have a lot going on. I have my activities after work that keep me busy, and the darn dog is always needing a bit of attention of course... or at least wanting a bit of attention!... so to come home and fall into my chair with no desire to do anything??? To find myself in the blahs frankly sucks. I have it light.... how some can handle it, with people constantly telling them to "just buck up", blows my mind.
Thank you for your kind words.


randy said...

oh, and the cookies turned out wonderful!
I'm making a big pot of chicken vegetable soup right now. I've never made it this way... bit nervous. But, we are supposed to get another snow storm tomorrow, so need to put up some meals incase things get busy.
hugs again.

Scottie said...

Randy, this is a hard comment for me to write, and one I want to ...for you know more about me than anyone but Ron.

I am sorry I did not see you go into this depression. I should have and kick my self for it.

What your other viewers don't know is I suffer from huge depressions and also grand highs and when I am in my low point I can and have hurt myself The fact is you have often been part of the team that keeps me from doing that.

Yes guys, Randy has worked to keep me from hurting my self. yet he wont take credit for what is a hard job.

Randy often doesn't realize how much of my sanity he saved for me. Hugs for all.

Scottie said...

Just to let everyone know it has been two weeks since I have cut my self and Randy contacted me almost every day to make sure. Hugs

Jay M. said...

Nothing like brothers who care! I hear from one about 3x a year, the other less, my sister occasionally.

Peace <3