Tuesday, May 25, 2010


This post was originally a thought towards Miles, who so loved Declan’s rendition of “Imagine”. And, please note, this was borrowed from YouTube…..a place I thoroughly enjoy. But, as I watched the video again, it really struck me….and so up on my soap box I go. In every war, in every conflict, live a politically silent majority who have no say in the actions of their government. Those countries who have a vote deny these souls the chance to voice an opinion. Those countries that are regulated by a more abrupt form of government allow perhaps even less input. And yet, it is the very future of the country that this politically silent majority hold in their tiny little hands. So, I say, before every decision, before every angry vote for war, before every stubborn denial of aid to war and disaster ravaged areas, before every decision to allow acts that threaten our world, the leaders should be strapped down to a chair, forced to watch this video with their own children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews, and explain why their decision is best. Perhaps then we can live in peace. But most likely, only if some wise and couragous child could look into the leader's eyes, touch his cheek softly and say "Please, Daddy....No!"


Anonymous said...

I would like to know why we cannot all live in peace. Why are there so many people not willing to help others? Why is it easier to go to war and kill people then to sit down and work things out? Why do some people hate others simply for their skin color, sexual preference, or just because they are different in some way? Where does all of the hate come from? I am at a loss for answers, or maybe there aren't any. Your suggestion for strapping our leaders into chairs is a good one. I would love to listen to their answers. Take care, JR

Stories, thoughts, ideas, dreams, fantasies said...

Hi JR - I think it all revolves around the feeling of being powerful. My side wins, b.s. and all that. It's sad, pathetic. Tragic. Thanks for the comments...randy.