Sunday, May 23, 2010


Hello all; Welome to today. Ok, that sounds silly, but perhaps we sometimes need to realize that today is not only a new day, but is the only day we have....currently. Yep, by definition, you can only have one day at a time. Sorry. Make the best of it you can, another is not promised. My very good friend has been trying to knuckle some ideas into my head over the past while.....the past is past, live the best you can today, be the best randy you can know, that sort of stuff. It's all "stuff" until that day the brain stumbles upon the 'o-yeah' moment. So, despite the fact that I woke up believing that leg cramp was a dream - it could have been worse. I could have had to pee in my dream .... Think on that for a moment. Anyway, despite the fact that I woke up in the end stages of a doozie of a cramp (and no, I have no idea how to spell doozie) and I have a GREAT deal of work to do today, I'm already enjoying my day. The sun is shining, Scottie's bird is singing (he came back to wake me up...I sent him down to you again), and I am feeling good about life. I sure hope I can manage this feeling and thought process throughout each of my days. So, ok, this was silly to an extent. It just feels good to decide to feel good. I send out to you all my love and good thoughts, and a litle combination of Declan Galbraith and John Lennon.....two very special people. And, the great one, Louis Armstrong. (my many thanks to the folks who made these vids possible ..they're borrowed, not my work.


Anonymous said...

Really glad to know you did not have a peeing dream. Now that would be hard to explain to Gracie ! LOL She will be making you go outside during the night.

Hugs and loves,

Stories, thoughts, ideas, dreams, fantasies said...

Ha! I get a mental image from The Flintstones when Fred gets kicked out for the night...randy