Monday, June 7, 2010

The most troubling picture I've seen in a long time....You may want to look away..

Hi Everyone.... I really don't have a lot to tell you today. Life is slow, but sometimes slow is good. I've heard people say that the Chinese have a curse that goes something like "may you live in interesting times". Well, perhaps if I was a bit less focused on the small town world in which I live and focused instead on the national or global, I would say we live in interesting times. My mind is far more settled if I keep it in my little town world. I hate to let it wander....But, .... I have found a picture in my wanderings that is so very troubling and horrible, but so very powerful. I hate war....that is no secret. It seems like we are at war all too often. There was a story on Fox News today about the war in Afganistan, the time we've been there and the cost of being there. Of course, they were speaking about the cost in dollars. What the cost is in other forms is not really mentioned. What is the cost to the soldiers and their families? What is the cost to our country's economy? Morality? And, also, what are the costs to the people of these countries? Are the people of Afganistan better off for our involvement? What would happen if we just went home? I don't have answers to that, and perhaps that is the beauty and bliss of being the complainer rather than the decision maker. So, here is the pic I found. It is horrible on so many levels. It truly tells me that somehow, somewhere, we need to find a way to end war. A pipe dream worthy of John Lennon, for sure. But, God please! Isn't there some way?

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