Monday, June 7, 2010

Some pics of beautiful wash my mind of my earlier post.

Hey Mom, are we there yet?
When you are cute and fuzzy, you sometimes need attitude.
And so begins the story of Pinnochio..
This, of course, is the carpool lane....
Somewhere a mother is screaming "Wash your hands"!
We just couldn't take Billy anywhere.
Another Monday?! How many of these things are there?
In rememberance of those lost. May they rest in peace.


Scottie said...

Hello Randy. I love these pictures. I wrote a whole long comment on your other post, the one that troubled you. But then I lost it. Basically I wanted to thank you for being one of the people who never became hardened to hurt, war, harm and evil. That you for being a caring kind person who will strive for a better, more loving future for all.

I have to run tonight, out of time, but I will come back Saturday and look everything over really well.

Hugs and warm thoughts, special soothing waves of goodness for you,

randy said...

Thanks Scottie;

I put on a good facade, but this is one place I can open up a bit. There are some images I can't get out of my head. That's one....and I am really regretting sharing it. I'm regretting finding it. My hope is that somewhere someone will wonder if all that "who's bigger, badder, and can take your lunch" crap is worth the cost. Thanks for the hugs and warm thoughts, Scottie. :) -randy.

Anonymous said...

Hello Randy, I love the photos. As you know I love cool pictures. I wonder how fast you have to be to catch a lighting bolt in a picture. How heart warming the mother goose with her young. Love is so powerful. The chipmunk made me giggle. Wow how good an eye must you have to see a small grasshopper on a flower and then to such a clear colorful shot. The people on the train brought me two different emotions, wonder at the fact that so many people could be on the outside of a train with out it tipping over and the joy they must have been having as everyone was smiling and waving. I am glad I don't have to wash the boy with the birds pants, cause birds poop and it is nasty. By far the most funny was the two boys and the poster. Hope that boy found what he was looking for.

Many hugs and smiles to you,

randy said...

Hey Scottie;
Glad you like the pics. Did you know that in India they have one of the lowest carbon footprints in the world? Now we know why. That would be so very illegal in the u.s. The boy looking at the poster is my all time favorite too. I remember being little and trying to look at the tv from the side like I could see something different. Never did. :( Ha. Glad to hear from you, as always. Many hugs back.