Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thank You!

I would like to thank you all for coming and being a part of my little experiment into blogging. I never thought I would find it so gratifying to find things to share with you. Your comments are the life blood of this blog, driving me forward to learn more, understand more. You have truly inspired my searches, encouraged my hopes of finding love and hope and an acceptance of the things that have beaten me for years.

I would especially like to thank Scottie who has been a shining light to me, guiding me through rough patches and letting me know there is a bright future awaiting. Miles and JR, who have been so very encouraging, and Bern who has recently shared his understandings with me on so many things. I am proud to see "new" followers, some of whom I have been following silently for some time. I am so glad you are a part of this blog.

This song by K. D. Lang is so awe-inspiring. I don't know if I understand the song so well. It is something that has had my attention for a while as I struggle to come to terms with the song. But, there is no denying that K. D. puts such feeling into her music. Watching her sing is an emotional event. I am so proud of her for being free. I hope you enjoy this rendition of Cohen's Halleluiah and perhaps you can draw more understanding than I have managed so far. -r



I see that clothes sucks blog has been removed. How soon will it be that no nudity will be status quo here on Blogger? You can show for now guys with erections but show some nudist guys without and your blog is removed. Soon women and minors will have to be covered from head to foot like the Muslims do for women.Rediculous!leu leutraix see now boy

randy said...

Hi Leu;
I was not aware of the blog you refer to, which is all the sadder I guess because now I never will be. But, yes...stuff is falling left and right. What's even odder, naturism is public by definition, more or less, so nuking a blog because it shows what is out in public view, somewhere, is a bit, well, silly.
Thanks for coming on board. - randy.