Monday, August 9, 2010

This Form of Beauty found in pictures as art.

Ever since I was little I have loved looking at art. I've always enjoyed photographic art because it seemed to be more intense, more real. I wondered how the pictures were made and where such a sight could be found. I found the world stopped, captured within the confines of this small piece of film. Sometimes I feel just awestruck at the vivacity conveyed. Paint and sculpture rarely do this for me - perhaps because they feel more rendered than captured. I want to send off my repeated appreciation for the artists and posters who share this beauty with me and the world.
I imagine stories, little plays in my mind telling the tale of these pictures. I imagine a tale of travel, like Gulliver's Travels, where we are transformed to a distant wood....
I imagine this one's love, heading out to war... will he return?
Can you feel the storm blowing around this child and within his sould?
Oh, there has just got to be a beach and a surf board somewhere about. This surely isn't Kansas.
I feel captured by this sultry look, this want...
His eyes come right out at me, capture me, make me want to feel and retreat at the same time.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Randy. Pictures do take us places. They can inspire, frighten, guide and fill us with joy. Thanks for sharing these with us.

Many hugs and much love for you.