Friday, November 5, 2010

The first snow of the year....and the pull of gravity.

Hello my friends,
What a neat day I've had. Before leaving work this morning I managed to nearly knock myself unconscious trying to pick a part off the floor. Those big machines don't move a bit, no matter how hard you head butt them. But, how can you take yourself too seriously after such a keystone cops moment? I laughed and cleaned up the blood...
Then, coming home, it began to snow. Seems awful early for that, but here it is. So, I took my dog out to play in the snow. (this is not her, btw) How could I not? My dog is a rescue dog....did I mention that? She came from the puppy death row, and has been my best friend and therapist ever since. She had that romp in the snow coming. So, for those of you who are lonely, take my advice....give a pup a chance. But, I digress....
So, I took my pups out to play in the snow. She was so funny. At first she lifted her feet like she was shaking them out after each step. Doing this slow is odd, doing it at speed is a riot. But, karma, that evil little imp, came to bit me in the but for laughing at my good friend as I found myself on my butt in the middle of the street. Of course, there were a couple of drivers making their way who were privy to my testing of gravity...which seems to be working just fine, if not a bit too well.
Well, the walk back home was wet, cold, painful, and not nearly short enough. And, since I so successfully tested the laws of gravity, I went ahead and tested the laws of chocolate chip cookies. Have I told you of my new found delight in ready to bake cookies? Truly, the best thing since sliced bread.
Pizza for dinner, with beer of course. And, I watched the movie "Stranger" starring Steve Austin. Poor guy, he's sure trying to do the whole acting thing. Not so well, but he's trying. I did enjoy the was a remake, I know, but it's new to me.
So, that's my day. Yep, this was one of the exciting ones....they're usually quite boring. Be well, my friends. -r.


Anonymous said...

Pete and I have a four year old german shepherd we call the Former Bitch because the vet got at her first! She is jus the same with us but is also quite adept at playing one of us off against the other! has linked to your blog.

By any chance would you like to link back?

randy said...

Hi Micky,
So glad to have you become a part of the blog. I have been to your site many times. I would love to place it in the blog roll.
My dog has become so dear to me over the short time I've had her. But, it's usually just her and I here, so we have grown close. I can imagine how your shepherd would play favorites...but mine is such the attention junky that she would cuddle up to the boogie man if he gave her a scratch and a milkbone ;).
Again, thanks for commenting. -randy