Sunday, November 7, 2010

Good Morning

Hello Everyone; Welcome to the Sunday Morning broadcast.....yeah, yeah, whatever. Had a rough night last night. Bad dreams, bad memories, matter how far back, there sometimes seems to be no amends, no way of putting them away, no end. It is one of those "I wish I hadn't done that....I wish I'd done it differently". But, that's all past tense. And, as I read in a blog - forgive me, I don't recall whose - George Burns was quoted as saying he always looks to the future, because that's where he will be living. So, I guess for me and any of you out there who have those regrets, ones that have no solution....guess we need to simply look to where we are living. Thanks for letting me share that with you. -randy.


Anonymous said...

Maybe if we have no regrets then we haven't lived.

Unfortunately we don't get everything right.

Doesn't do to dwell on these things too long: especially when there's just about my fav boy choir to enjoy!

randy said...

Hi Mickey;
You have a point former supervisor once told me that people who haven't screwed something up most likely haven't done anything to risk their record. So, yes, we try to learn from the mistakes and live on. Sometimes easier said than done, though.
Libera is my favorite choir group as well. I am often humming one of their numbers while dealing with difficult machines at work, or after a very rough work shift filled with stress I will put them on when I get home and pet my pups....a 60lb. wanna-be lap dog! Ooof.
Be well, Micky. -randy.

Anonymous said...

Hi Randy. I love your blog and this post. Libera is one of my favorite choral groups. Thank you for sharing both with us. When you have the time, please log on to my blogs at these URLs:

With a hug,

Angelic Voices
Angel Light

randy said...

Hi Gilbert;
I've been to your blog have a knack for finding great singers!
Thank you so much for commenting and joining, and I'm so glad you like the blog. As you know, blogs are a bit of the heart and soul of the blogger.
Also, thank you for the hug. I send one in return... -randy.