Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Paul Gingerich, 12, was sentenced to 25 years in prison for his role in the killing of Phillip Danner in April of 2010.
Where and when, at what point, at what degree of rediculousness, how in the hell do you call this an adult? I don't understand it. I am truly lost. WTF!


Anonymous said...

America declare its moral bancruptcy.
Thinking of 1 % of the American people is jailed, is another HIGHLIGHT not to be forgotten.
Liberty in the USA? - just a fairytale!

randy said...

Forgive my language, Miles;
But this is really making me angry. How is it that the authorities don't seem to understand that a kid is a kid, not to be called an adult just because he did something stupid....that's actually the definition of being a kid! Aaargh!

Thanks for the comment. Maybe one day....

Anonymous said...

Is there a evaluation, how many children under the age of 14 are in prison - and are they living together with the older ones till age 20?

Anonymous said...

Hi Randy,
look at http://www.milkboys.org/article/the-internet-vs-teen-boot-camps/, there is a post about the same stuff.

scottiestoybox.com said...

Randy thank you for showing us this. Please check out the post I made. Let me know of any changes and hope for these children and I will make another post to go along with yours. Hugs and loves. Scottie


randy said...

Hi Nikki;
Wow! That is some crazy stuff. I .... wow.

randy said...

Hi Scottie;
As you know, I visited your site. Thankyou!!!
hugs and love;