Monday, April 11, 2011

Things that make you go....really?

Hi Friends;

    It's been a while since I've been posting. Sorry, things have been a bit off for me lately. Losing all of my stuff with the computer crash was a blow, but the following events just made it all a bit more difficult. Nothing horrible or know how it goes. Plus, well, I found I didn't have a lot to say for the moment. And, as odd as this even sounds to me, for once - when I have had nothing much to say worth saying, I kept my yap shut.

    Then I see this and I find my self with my jaw on the ground:

    I began to disect this rant and respond to each astronomically, cosmically, and finally comically insipid statement, then realized that there was just no way to do so without writing a book.

    So, please let me begin by saying these people are consumed and lost.

    They have slipped into the "religion" aspect of this statement:

    Love is doing what is right despite what people say.

    Religion is doing what people say despite what is right.

    God is Love.

    And, for those who follow a different path, let me quote John Lennon: All we need is love.

    The people in that vid are all angry, miserable, defeatist, horribly minded people who have found it necessary to bring their children into such misery as well. And, that's actually quite sad. I found that rather than be angry with these folks, I feel sad for them.

    They have the Message twisted, filled with half truths, and use it to inflict pain and misery.

    The best lie, you know, is one that is 99% true.

    So, if you are at all concerned by anything you see on the above vid, please ask and I will research the answer and give you a fair take. I'm no Bible scholar, so forgive me if my answers are less than perfect.

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