Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Jordan Brown update....the presumption of innocence vs. the presumption of integrity

Hi Friends;

A short update and some interesting issues. This is a picture of young Jordan. In his case, he is up against an interesting oddity of America....the presumption of innocence accorded to the defendant, and the presumption of integrity accorded to the officials investigating the case.

We are all familiar with the presumption of innocence. The presumption of integrity is a bit more elusive, but understood. What it means is that the officials are presumed to be honest, with integrity and honor in their dealings, acting in accordance with the laws and procedures appropriate to the postitions.

What happens if that presumption is misplaced? A frightening consideration, a scary thought. The very people who are involved in determining if there is a crime more less the direction of the investigation are given great powers presuming they have no agenda, aren't lazy, and are honest in thier charges. Paranoia, bad fiction, and real life horror stories speak differently. Please visit this link.


Scottie said...

I have not even had my second cup of coffee and you hit me with this thought. Wow and then...I read this


About the police using a device to read, scan, download your entire cell phone and all data when stopping you , with out probable cause and with charging you with anything. They just pull you over, demand your phone, go through it, and then if they find anything, arrest you. Our just look at your sexy photos of you and your special some one.

So far they are refusing to turn over their procedures and polices for public inspection. Wonder what is up wit that. Police state any one.

Morning breath hugs,

Scottie said...

Wow I just read the comment I posted. I really should not type with out having several cups of coffee first. But I guess you guys can figure out what I meant and the missing letters. Oh and that should have been "without charging you with anything" . opps. Time for third cup and a shower.

Rumpled hugs,

randy said...

Good Morning, Scottie;
Is it time for Minty Fresh hugs? oh, you make me laugh.
Well, it looks like it's time for a new phone app, huh. Sort of a sure, officer, and by the push of a button he get's nothing but nude pics of his wife. It's called the FU2 app. Now, how can we get nude pics of all their wives...?
Noon Hugs;

Scottie said...

Actually you are not far from the truth. Because of the protesters for democracy being hauled in by the state police in the middle east, they are trying to develop an erase app for all your smart phone data. Might have to have one here in the land of the free,. Why do we want them like us again???

Warm full belly Hugs,