Saturday, July 23, 2011

You are filth

  Oh, my friends, you wouldn't believe the height of arrogance flowing from my fingers as I tell you what I almost wrote.  How could I believe that the people responsible for the bombing in Oslo and the killing of those children would read my blog, contemplate my words, and realize their faulty thinking?  It is utter wishfulness, utter foolishness.  And yet, I want so bad to tell these people "Stop!". 
  I am what most consider a closed border proponent.  Meaning, I believe that our repeated meddling in other people's lives have repeatedly planted vines with oh so nasty fruit.  I think that we should pull in and worry about ourselves and allow people to live their own lives.
  For instance, when we look at our country, we see droughts, hunger, greed, anger, shooting and killing, arson, rape, and that's just in Congress.  Would it be so horrible to pull in and take care of our own cancers and let people live their lives?
  Then we see the Somali coast, where little men intent upon playing G.I.Joe are content to see famine and murder as normal.  We see some of the B.S. from the Iranians, Syrians, even the Chechnians in somewhat distant past.  The Koreans, the Japanese in their tragedy, the Haitians, etc.  So, we march in with food and water, guns and businesses, and after a moment we become a problem rather than a solution.  I like to think we start with good's my little fantasy, let me have it.  But, my point:  we are a country of blessings; food, technology, industry, education, and shipping.....yep, we shipped a great deal of it overseas.  Now, we continue to be great farmers, but the farms are being sold for condo space.  We are of the most tech savy in the world, so wise that we've decided everyone should be building these parts except us.  We despair for the hungry so send them work....and quite willing are we to turn the blind eye to slaves wages.  We would rather watch the Jersey Shore than read a book, unless it's Snooky's book.  We value education right up there with nerd pantsing.....oops, can't do that anymore, it's now a life-long registration crime.  Shipping, we are stars....shipped it all, we did.
  Oh, what a tangled web I've woven as I drive my gas guzzler truck, eat my frozen pizza from Walmart, and type disparaging comments about other people on my computer from China.  I've gotten to the point that I don't even know if I could judge someone for that killing done in Oslo when I've profitted from the arrogance of others.  I just know it's wrong, so very wrong, and, if the rope flies, it will hang more than one.


Scottie said...

Hello Randy, may I wade in a bit here. I can't get my mind around the Norway thing. But I have to say I wont let it turn me bitter, I wont let it make me care less, it wont make me suspicious of those I don't know or who are different from me. I just read that militants in Afghanistan hung an 8 yr old boy because his father wouldn't give them a police car. I wont stop letting that shock me. For me to become less human that gives them the win, the advantage. I need to become smarter, better, and yes more loving. I wont become them, I will be better than them. I will not grant them justification nor satisfaction.

Love your writing and hugs to you. Scottie

randy said...

Hi Scottie;
Last night at work I so wanted it to be a busy night. I knew I'd be thinking about the Oslo mindblower. My thought really did begin to mirror what you wrote;
I thought that we as a person/people/nation/world could become bitter, angry and hatefilled, seeking vengence and tear this guy, quite literally, limb from limb. I thought that it would get us to the point that these things just didn't happen anymore if maybe his whole family was killed in front of him. And the more I thought, the more I realized that the only reason this has effected so many people is because we are civilized and simply don't think this way is even an option for solving problems. Civilization, compassion, takes a great deal of the immediate gratification out of things and opens us up for such horrible tragedies, but anarchy and destruction would only breed more and more such as folks move to murder to "avenge" their lost.
So,as you were so right to state: we need more civility.
Hugs and love, my friend;