Saturday, August 20, 2011

What is a man worth?

Be warned...a sad and difficult vid.

  A shocking video, for sure.  And, in some minds are the words of hate ringing out.... perhaps saying that he shouldn't have been caught but otherwise congratulating the actions, and perhaps others rallying for the death penalty for this incomprehensible crime.  I am lost as to how someone could be so callous as to find it a lark to do such a thing.  It's beyond my mind. 
  The interesting thing about this story, at least in the context for this essay, is that the people involved saw not only this man but all considered "black" as lesser beings.  They were not fully persons, not real people, and so it was ok to do this.  Did this method of thinking just appear one day?  Remember, according to the vid, there were a fairly large number of people involved in this, and all young people.  So I ask again; where did this belief system originate?
  In our sordid past, we have had all too many instances of seeing some group of people as lesser beings, as lesser persons and worthy targets.  And, in some laughable and horrid nightmare, someone will say how these teens came from such "Christian" homes with no concept of the incredulity of that statement.  So, again I must ask:  Where did these young men and women find this set of ideals as worthy?
  We can point fingers, rage and rant, and in the end the true criminals of this epic are left at home angry and hurt that their little boys, their neighbors are going to prison.  This was more than one boy going out on a nut, this was more than one psycho..... this was the result of a culture of hate and of believing that some are greater than others.  Until we come to the point where we do not see ourselves as only good because someone else is bad, only worthy of life and liberty, happiness even, because someone else is not worthy, only then will this type of destruction come to an end.


Anonymous said...

Hallo Randy,
A recent example:
Look to Israel and their response to the attack in Eilat. They fly bombing raids on the civilian population in Gaza. As the "chosen people" they seem to have leased the right. And the reaction throughout Old Testament "eye for an eye - a tooth for a tooth".

randy said...

Wow, Nikki;
That area there is a mess for thousands of years, and the grudges seem to just compound. But, if you speak with each group, neither believes the other worthy of life, liberty, happiness, peace or joy or whatever. They are all interlopers upon eachother and the only right is might for the moment. It is hate, prejudice and pride going back generations and millenia.... And, it all starts and ends with the simple willingness to allow another people group to be free, to live, to be happy without being dominated by another.

hugs and thanks for speaking up.