Monday, October 10, 2011

The people speak

  Ending the issue with "Na na naa - na, Na na naa - na, Hey Hey Hey Goodbye", Geraldo and his foxy friends were chased from the "Occupy Wall Street" gathering.  Why?  Said quite clearly and emphatically by the protesters:  Fox lies.  Now, how does one misunderstand that?
  Bill O'rielly, exemplifies the concept of "selective hearing" when referring to this protest as "anti capitalism".   Fox, ever the bastian of bull, the epitome of about me, the billionaire bootlicker, seems to think that the people who are protesting the loss of the American Dream are simply poor sports.  They refer to the protesters as anti-American, socialists, and I would bet "rapscallions" was used at least once, but have no problem in standing up for the so called "Tea Party", who garner their moniker from the riot protesting the government working against its very citizens.  Fox, once again, seems to embrace hypocrisy.  You have to wonder if they are even aware of their duplicity?
  The frightening thing:  it likely won't matter.  The people who are at the top, thieving, raping, pillaging and plundering from the comfort of their ivory tower,  have no concern over the little people in the streets.  Frankly, that's where they've put many already and feel no compunction about adding to the list.


Anonymous said...

Hi Randy,
Our establishment has since long lost contact with us "ordinary." We've arrived back in the Middle Ages - in feudalism. I think if would be "Wall Street" in Paris, there the people were already long on the road. There would also be no "tea party".

randy said...

It was once said "better late than never". It is my hope that is true now.