Friday, November 25, 2011

Was Thanksgiving Happy?

Hi Friends;

  I meant to sit down so many times and wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving.  I just found it too difficult, I guess, to look at the day and kept putting it off.

  I've had a falling out with a majority of my family.  As a result, I spend a great many holidays alone.  I guess there are a lot of us out there who find ourselves not so welcome.  And, I guess, I am so glad to have come to understand that the concept of "family" can change.  I have a wonderful brother now that I didn't have the first 40 years of my life.  Who would have thought that at this age I suddenly get my life's wish for an older brother?! 
  Well, not able to sleep the night before, I finally laid down about 1100 and slept through my 1200 alarm, making me late for the dinner.  I rushed to prepare, take care of the dog's needs, and make it out the door, only being 15-minutes late.  We laughed it off, but I hate to be late.  I got hugs from my 3 aunts and went into the living room to watch the Lions/Packers game.
  It was a good day.  The things I brought went over well, and I learned that my aunt's best method for determining who will win the games centers around the asthetic quality of the football playera' "hats".   It does seem to work:  She believed the Lions have the prettiest hats, and she likes the dolphin, too.  But, as she really hates the color of the Dolphin's pants, I think it may be a wash.  In the end, I thought it an interesting method that seems no more effective than any other.
  I was sent home with some turkey after an enjoyable day.  And, my puppers enjoyed some of that when I fumbled on the goal line.....she was right there to help.

  So, I guess I'd like to wish everyone a happy Holiday, especially those like me who looked upon yesterday with dread.


Scottie said...

Where we are born and to whom is an accident of birth that we have no control over. Family really is not who you grow up around, nor is it even who shares a similar blood line. Family is a feeling of belonging, of comfort, of acceptance.

We can choose our families just as we choose our friends. Families are people we hold closer than friends.

Welcome Brother. Pull up a bit of space, get comfortable and share your life with us as we share ours with you. We are joined by that which we can't explain, yet is stronger than the very world we live on. We are grateful to have you with us on our journey through life.

Hugs, Scottie

randy said...

Hi Scottie;
Thank you, thank you, thank you! I know you understand, and I wonder how many others the incredible feeling that comes from being rejected by those I never thought would and then to find that there are people in this world who would take me in and call me brother.... it's just beyond words.
hugs and love;