Sunday, March 18, 2012

Pray the Gay Away. Really?

 Ok, My Friends..... Here is your assignment.  Read the following and try to count the number of outright falsehoods, bullshits, and wtf's.    This was found on Tumblr.... go figure.... and had to have been produced in the last year or so.  Believe it or not, there are people out there that are pushing this stuff.  They believe it, and are not above hoodwinking others to believe it.    I look forward to your comments.

The Lollypop Danger?   Only in moderation...that way only makes them moderately gay.  And no Cigars either.  Parents, don't give your kids Cigars.  Makes them gay for Cubans.
Yes, parents.  Have your Kindergartener watch Mel Gibson's 'Passion.  That way they won't be gay.  Will be emotionall scarred and terrorized, have nightmares and cringe everytime they see a Cross, but no gay.  ?


Sammy B said...

Hello Randy
That kind of arrant nonsense would be utterly laughable if it wasn't for one consideration - that there are many people out there who, either through fear or hate, or both, would believe every single word of it to be literally true. Anyone with a shred of rationality should surely know that you can no more 'pray away the gay' than you can pray away your brown eyes, right-handedness, or whatever other innate characteristic you care to name, but as long as there are those credulous to believe this kind of thing, there will be those more than willing to prey on them to make a fast buck.

Love & best wishes
Sammy B

randy said...

Hi Sammy;
You are right. It's comical, except that it's so real and devastating.
And, you are right that there will be these people who just love to fleece the sheep.
What's pathetic, there are those who do believe that homosexuality in an adverse culture is for attention. Really?
Be well, my friend;

Anonymous said...

The biggest lie can be found in "Christian Media" - where it says:
As a parent or a loved one it is your duty to instill God's love with the child."

For anyone still beeing able to think along facts it is just soo clear, that NOT God's love is to be instilled - but HATE agaainst all, who would not cooperate with believing in that bullshit.

And some one should tell this freak:
There are Gay and authority figures amongst the Christian priesta - and even within the community of these "Believers"
<3 miles

Jerbear said...


Wow, that is unbelievable! It is sad to think that parents and others are taking this advice and acting on it. Not only will they set an LGBT youth up for depression, dispair and worse but they will also confuse a lot of straight youth as well. Thankfully their are places for LGBT youth to find support. The sad reality is that patents who follow this advice will alienate their son or daughter or allow their child to sink into despair when prayers go unanswered and who they are doesn't change. I can only conclude that this pamphlet is promoting spiritual and psychological child abuse.


randy said...

Hi Miles;
I disagree with you a bit... only in that it is the parent who can, I say CAN, demonstrate the love of a loving God to a child in the way that they will show undying and unconditional love. I feel that is the love of God. The church represents things completely different, of course, and that is where we find ourselves in a twist. That's where pamplets like this come to haunt people - some who only want to have the best for their children, and - some who are so concerned about the actions of the kids pointing back at the parents that they will seek to control in every way possible.
Isn't it sad, though?
oh-btw Miles; my email is down. I'm working on it - so if you've written and I've not written back, that's the reason. Bounce things through Scottie for now. Hope he won't mind?
hugs my friend!!!

randy said...

Hi Jerbear;
This is your first time here commenting, right? Welcome!!!
That is a great way to put it... it is spiritual and psychological child abuse.
What I can imagine God hearing these prayers and wondering how people could hate their children so. It's not an illness, it's not a handicap, it's them.
So, take someone who comes to grips with the fact that they are going to be a bit different than some of their friends and turn that person into a self-conscious, neurotic, self-hating, withdrawn youth and in the same way, destroy the faith that the child and parent have for a God who answers prayers with "yes" rather than "no" (ie: in this case).
I hadn't put it to abuse in my mind, but as you have me thinking on it in this way I agree 100%.
Thank you for your comment!

Scottie said...

Hello Randy and others. Several thoughts ran through my mind when I read this. First I was a gay teenager in a gay boarding school and no matter how much I prayed, no matter how much my devotion to God, he never made the feelings, the attractions to my own gender go away. But what he may have done for me is he changed me, by letting me learn that being who I was, being gay was OK and I was loved by him. There was not reason to pray away the Gay because he wanted me to be gay and he loved every part of me.

Now I was a teenager then. During that time the hate preached against gay and the constant preaching that God hates gays and Gay feelings were evil and if you had gay sex you were going to hell, that really messed with me. It screwed up my already screwed up mind. Remember I had issues already, and here it seemed that no matter how hard I tried, God was another one I couldn't please no matter what I did, begged, or how much I was willing to give. Did even God hate me so much to abandon me, to punish me when I had no idea how to not be what he made me. I was use to being punished just to please those punishing me, and it seemed this ultra powerful deity worshiped by my friends and respected adults was doing that to me also. God was like my tormentors in life. Hard for a teenager to come to think that he exists to be punished and that God was in on it, God liked punishing me, I lived so he could punish me.

I wont go into that anymore because it is wrong and hateful and it still messes with my mind. But it shows how misrepresenting God can really screw with a person. Think how many times I was in great despair and couldn't even take comfort in the God I went to church and studied his word to please.

I have more I would like to say on this subject, but I think here is a good time to pause for a while. I really hope some people, those who use God as an excuse to be anti-gay, will read this and understand the utter crushing helplessness and feeling of worthlessness this thinking caused me, and so many others.

Randy I think this post is so important, so good, I would like to add a post on the Toy Box about it. I hope you wont mind. Also yes anyone can bounce stuff off me for you. I never mind.

Well I have to go get my head screwed back on for bed. Hugs, Scottie

Scottie said...

I should have proof read my comment. I was a gay teenager in a church boarding school, not a gay teenager in a gay school. LOL hugs

Anonymous said...

Scotty - Freud is greeting.

Randy - I have a question about this book.
Does this originates from a Jehovah's Witness or a similar narrow-minded sect?
I have read that in America a lot more people belong to a church and go to church than we do. But if there is widespread such bullshit, I have to doubt the intelligence of the church members.

randy said...

Hi Scottie;
I had some one liners going through my head about your last line there, of the first post... just didn't seem the time.
You know, this is an interesting thing; I looked at this as asinine, misleading, foolish, and potentially damaging. I didn't think about the many people that would read this and see so many unhappy moments flash before their eyes.
I'm so very sorry this brought you pain, and as you say - I dearly hope that someone out there will read this and understand the damage such things can do to a soul. Parents need to understand.

hugs and love;

randy said...

Hi Nikki;
It's an interesting thing. When a person gives over their choices about thinking and decides that they will leave that to others, bad things happen. Republicanism, for example. I don't know the area of origin. Bachman would not be quoted in Jehova's Witness. I doubt it came from Lutherans or United Methodist, both have ordained homosexual pastors. My bet is Baptist.
But, oh my goodness is the bullshit widespread!


Doug said...

I sent this to Scottie. Maybe you should post it too.

randy said...

Thank you, Doug.
I read the article, the pdf file, and couldn't repost it - dang it. But, great stuff and worthy of everyone seeing.
I've done a small post on it.

Thank you!