Monday, March 19, 2012

Site recommended by Doug regarding "ex-gay"

Hi Friends;
  I received this comment from Doug and wanted  you all to be aware of it, if not already.  I looked up the link and it was a good read, but like Scottie I couldn't copy/post it.  So, please follow the link.

  What amazed me is the obvious double standard employed.  The very people who will stand up and tell  you that homosexuality is a choice are the same who will also say that sexual orientation is not something that can be changed nearly so easily as they say it can.  In fact the very people espousing this theory still admit to being same sex oriented. 
  This also speaks on the definitions of words used, the expectations and experiences of the participants, the reckless and dangerous methodology used.  They even took in a client as young as three!   ?? !
  Well, please read for yourself.   Thank you Doug.

Doug said...

I sent this to Scottie. Maybe you should post it too.

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