Friday, April 6, 2012

Is it Easter yet?

Can I has my Easter Basket now?
  Good Morning everybody;

  Welcome to Good Friday.  For those who don't know, "Good Friday" is the day that Christ was put upon the cross to make way for our shortcomings and come before God.  He was the sacrificial lamb, for those in the Old Testament way of thinking.
  Hanging on a cross next to Christ was a thief.  This thief, knowing he was guilty of his crimes was willing to pay the cost.  But, he saw Christ hanging there and being abused by the crowd and called out to them to let him be, that he was innocent.  He then asked that Jesus remember him to the Father.  It is said that there in Heaven sits this thief.
  I tell you this to say...that not one priest on the ground could change the destiny of that thief, nor could they get themselves to heaven.  Not one could be so righteous as to declare themslves fit.  Not one believer could condemn the thief to hell.     Only God gets to judge us!
That's a little throw at the jerk I heard on the tv this morning.  He knows who he is.

  I expected to be writing this morning to tell you that I would be absent from the blog for a bit as my parents made it home from their winter migration destination and would be spending the Easter Holiday with me.  I was mistaken in that belief.
  They pulled in at 3:30 on Wednesday afternoon.  I visited with them for a bit, but I had to be in bed by 6:00 to make it to work on time with even a little sleep.  On the way home from work I stopped to buy breakfast muffins and a paper - Mom likes the local paper.  When the newspaper called me last year  I told the circulation salesman that my dog is housebroken and I don't have a bird, so have no need for their paper.  He didn't appreciate my humor, but it tells you about the quality of the local paper.
   They liked the muffins, drank some coffee, and were gone for home an hour later. 
  So, I guess I'm spending my Easter with you.

Last night I made my dinner and sat down to watch 'Cowboys and Aliens'.  I thought it was another sequel to the Aliens series, but these were new ones.  Still an enjoyable film.  I went too long without eating and found myself a bit too receptive to the beer I'd had.  I don't normally drink much but Dad likes it so I have it in the house when he's coming.  Well, gotta do something with it.....  So, I made it to bed with legs feeling a bit unsure and slept great! 
  Not feeling the best right now, but that's ok. 

I did really well on my diet this week.  I made baked chicken breast with salsa on top, a bit of shredded cheese.  Then, side bowls of green beans and brown rice.  That was my main meal each night.  I'm going to buy some lemon and make some lemon chicken next, with salad.  That's another thing I have... two dozen eggs because the folks like eggs in the morning but I don't really eat them.  So, I guess I'll hard boil them and cut them into a salad.
Be well, my friends.  If anyone else is alone this week, feel free to email me.  That includes you, Miles!   I lost all your email with the closing of the prior email, so I'm missing you a bit, and of course I'd love to hear from new people, too.  blundersonword (at) hotmail (dot) com.

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