Sunday, June 24, 2012

Things that make me go hmmmmm?

Hello Friends;

  Don't take this wrong, but for a great part I'm writing you today because I am a bit bored.  Sorry, that sounds horrible, but the thing is I've been working so many hours over the years, only having time off work during holidays - when I often have family obligations or some such.  It is strange for me to not have work to do.  For so long, I worked 6 nights a week, having only one night off, which I used to catch up on my sleep, and in the midst of it all I worked about the house or doing lawn mowing for others.  Then, come Sunday night, I went in early.... it is about that time when I'd normally be heading into work, and I feel wonderful yet out of place not doing so. 

  I was just reading a wonderful story about two men who began to raise a family via adoption.  It was filled with sorrow, joy, love, hope, togetherness and true family.  A great story.  Now, telling you that I am finding myself a bit bored, I anticipate recriminations from Scottie that I should be out enjoying life, experiencing life, meeting people, etc.  I agree... but ...

  So, I guess I'm setting myself up.  I'll hear it from my friend, and I know some of you are thinking the same things.  But, here is my thought that prompted my writing today:  why is it that we work our life away only to find ourselves at a loss when we have moments when we don't have to work?  Does work so define us?  Are we so in need of "constructive" activities that sitting about in the summer breeze is a bad thing?  I don't know.  What I do know is that there is a robin singing away on the fence, and it sounds just wonderful.  Maybe this is the meaning of life?


Sammy B said...

Hello Randy
I can assure you I almost never find myself at a loss for things to do when I'm not working - my main complaint in life is that there aren't enough hours in the day. I remember saying to my mother-in-law many years ago that if I could give up either sleep or work, I might just have enough time to everything I wanted to do, and that I'd far rather give up work than sleep! It's an attitude of mind, I suppose - do you want to work to live, or live to work. I know which I'd choose. Mind you, now I've said all that, I have to admit to having worked 23 of the last 24 days, including two 12 hour shifts this weekend. But now I've got 10 days off. R & R time, hopefully!

Love & best wishes
Sammy B

Anonymous said...

Hallo Randy
Oh - I've never been bored if I had not come to work.
As Sammy said - I have been working to live!
It depends on the attitude: Do I need to work more in order to be able to afford more and more - just to correspond to the ideal of the capitalist - the consumer (I am talking about the consumer idiots)?
I took the earliest opportunity and have gone with 58 years in retirement. Although I have thus a smaller pension - I am single and have to make just about me. This is enough for me - I have my own house and ride my motor home through the area.
Gruß Nikki

Scottie said...

Hello My wonderful friend. No hassle from me, you have done some heavy lifting in mind, body and soul for a while, it is a well earned down time you are having.

I remember being young and unsure of my self, and what I wanted. It took me a while to get into just doing my thing. Once I started doing what I liked to do...surprise other people wanted to do it with me.

In the north of the USA we spent our off time getting ready for our work days. In the south of the USA I notice that most people spend their work days getting set up to be able to enjoy their off days.

I love my job, but I am not defined by it. I am Scottie, no matter where I am or what I do. If I did not have my job and had the money to do it, Ron and I would travel the USA seeing every town, attraction, city and country side we could in the rest of our lives.. But that is for after we win the lottery!

Now to you my friend and enough about me. You are your own person, with your needs, your ideas, your vulnerabilities. If you lived next to us we would keep you so busy you would hide from us, shut the lights out when we walk up the drive and monitor the phone to see if it was us calling. LOL

I recommend now that your schedule is set you find activities you like. Like the save a stray program you do so well at. Don't give your self to anyone thing full time, but develop several hobbies.
Like for one thing, join a gardening club, as you love working the out side and growing things. Then in a few months when you find the groups of people you like to spend time with , invite those to join you doing what ever you like to do. Some will, some will not, but you will build up a good group to do things with.

Rest, be well and happy. Many loving hugs