Thursday, July 26, 2012

What if....

Hi Everyone.
  This is a strange post, so you may want to get comfortable.  As I sit to write this, I realize that I have no idea where this post will go.  I guess I'm inviting you for the ride with me.  Maybe we can discuss this and find some better direction for ourselves?
  First, let me introduce you to a site I bumbled upon.   I find some things here humorous, some thought provoking, and there are others not quite up my alley.  That's ok... that's life!  One post this blog author posted spoke about how a culture will seek to understand the very things that most defy understanding.  Some create a belief system, a religion.  And, for the people and the time, it works - perhaps.  The blog author went on in quoting others that just because that belief system worked for that people group does not necessarily mean it works for others.  Further, being "true" in one people's eyes doesn't make it "true" in another's.
  I thought this profound and it truly caused me to return to this line of thought over and over again.

  The small blog post went on to this substantial truth of a creator, a God; the reality of this Being is likely to be beyond the understanding of those He creates. 

  I've considered some of the differing religions of our current world.  Granted, I know very few - and very little about those!  So, I'm bound to make some mistakes here...  
  Question:  How do we know what we know to be true is, in fact, true?  In Christianity - and I'll use this religion the most as it is one I've studied a bit - we are taught that all scripture is by inspiration of God and good to use for teaching, preaching and reproof.  Now, basically, what we are saying here is that person X says 'God told me to write this' and it is therefore true.  I am going beyond the simple historical rendering of an event or time or people, but to say that line for line, scripture is true because this person X said 'God told me to write this'.  What that requires is that little thing called Faith.
  Have you ever heard that song by Allanis Morrisette that goes 'what if God was one of us?  Just a stranger on the bus?...'  Well, that is the point.  What if?  We believe what we believe much due to what we were taught.  There are some who study, dig, seek.... and make decisions and believe by faith.  But, many of us believe what we believe because we are taught that this is true. 
  Well, what makes one religion true and another false?  Quite simply, if one religion is true - then the other, by definition, must be false.  Right?  So, is it by popular vote?  Is it by area covered?  If my mother and father didn't teach me what they did, would it still be true?  Is it true because the country that believed it overcame the country that thought their religion the truth?  Is religion true only by the sake of conquest?  "My God is stronger than your God".   Here is a frightening thought:  what if it was only a small group of people who knew the real God, the real Truth, and they were swarmed over and destroyed by a Mongol Horde, the Romans, the Plague, taken up to Haley's Comet..... what if?
  Then, there are those who believe in no God.  But yet, what if they are wrong? 

  In our world today, we have wars, struggles, etc. all based on what we believe to be true of our beliefs or untrue of another's.  Some Christians believe those who are gay are worthy of death.  What is the basis for this?  A vague reference in a book taken out of a contextual environment and inference thousands of years ago.  Is it true?  Well, they believe that those words were the very words of God, so they must be fact.  Of course, there are others words in that book that they'd just rather let go on by.  Not culturally relevant, don't you know.  But that?  Yep, that's the true and relevant part. 
  There are some others in our world who believe that if you don't believe the very things this group believes then you are to be put to death.  You are horrible and worthy of death at any cost.  Why?  Well, roughly 2000 years ago this person was given a revelation, he said.  So, there are now those who believe his revelation true, and there-in, all that he said the very words of God....

  But, I'm drawn back to that song.  What if God was one of us?  What if what we believed was not untrue, but just the very best we could understand of what we see as true?  What if that person who doesn't believe what we believe is just as likely to be correct as we are since no one can really be sure.  What if the best we can do is look to our neighbor and know that if there is a God, a Creator, He or She... or It?... created that person just as much as we were created, or for that matter, not created for those who believe in no creator... and so we are all equally bound? 

Well, I guess here is where this particular ride ends for the moment.  What do you think?



Anonymous said...

Guten Morgen Randy,
What is - when all previous theories are wrong?
What is the truth?
The man seeks explanations - finds a matching - wants to tell these his fellows - but he needs proof.
The final proof has been missing in all theories!
But almost all are interesting when you think with an open mind about it.
In the 60 years I have red several books of "Erich von Däniken" and his theories (z.B. "Erinnerungen and die Zukuft") At that time they were popular - today, no one talks about it!

So much for now - I have to work!
Einen schönen Tag wünscht Dir

Sammy B said...

Hello Randy
As an atheist, a believer in no god, I admit I have no proof that I'm right. But what I do have, courtesy of the work of generations of scientists over the centuries, is a set of natural laws and theories, tested by experiment and observation, which are not only able to explain much of how and why the universe is as it is, but also able to make non-obvious predictions which can, and have, been proven correct by subsequent investigations. All without any need for 'divine' intervention or inspiration. The sun rose today, and shines, for instance, because of well-understood physical processes, not because I, or anyone else, believes it will rise, or needs to have faith that it will shine.
Having said that, 'proof' in science is rarely absolute, new discoveries often necessitate established wisdom to be revised, or even completely replaced by a new worldview, and if incontrovertible evidence of God's existence were forthcoming, I, and most people of a scientific mindset would accept it. But, as you say, 'person X' saying 'this is the word of God' proves nothing, except, perhaps, what person X themselves believe.

Love & best wishes
Sammy B

Scottie said...

Hello Randy. Feelings. Isn't it really about feelings. I have an image in my mind of in the ancient days some older people, sitting in the woods, pondering on all they see and feel. They looked into themselves and found parts of their world that made sense to them.

Today I think religion, or the lack of it is also about feelings. But sadly we have left the wise people pondering long behind.

When religion is part of a person, personal and made by their feelings, I wont belittle that. I support your right to have feelings of worship, and you have the right not to have feelings of worship.

But when your worship becomes a business...then it cross the boundary of hands off. Then it becomes free game and fodder for what ever happens and what is said about it.

A personal internal religion is one that is great for just that person, and they wouldn't expect others to follow that the same way. But a business religion is one that people feel free to ask / force others to live by.

I have a belief. It works for me. It guides my life. It gives me comfort and helps me put my world into a way I can understand. While if asked I will share my views, I would never expect others to have the same belief. I doubt my feelings and life path would work for others. I know theirs wont work for me.

Do I wonder what will happen if I am wrong in my beliefs and others more correct in theirs. NO! This is because I live my life the best I can, the most helpful, the most giving, the most inclusive I can. I try my best to treat others as I ask to be treated. If I am wrong, I can't see how doing the right thing as best I can would ever be held against me. And if it is, then I was not wrong for doing it, I just wont want to be any different and included with those who did not treat others right. If there is a price to pay for caring for others, respecting others, for loving others, for giving to other, then I will gladly pay it.

And I can't believe any true deity would not support such actions and I don't believe any true deity holds malice toward any who feel love for others.


randy said...

Thank you, Nikki, Sammy, Scottie...
Great thoughts. Thankyou for sharing them with us.

See, the interesting thing... you all thought about your response. Beliefs without thoughts are groundless. And yet, so many have no idea why they believe what they think they believe, they are only parroting what they've been told. Sheep.

hugs all!

Anonymous said...

Here is a nice link I found on Milkboys:
<3 miles

randy said...

Hi Miles;

I saw that. I found it very disturbing, but I don't know what to say about it. It's so obviously wrong... yet it is happening.


Anonymous said...

hi Randy,
I forgot to tell, that this is NOT only a problem of the USA, It happens in ueurope and of course in Germany too. The social management is don via financing Media via big contracts for the willing, and NO contracts for the opponents.
Specially the oldtestamentarian churches get their money by some kind of hidden sponsering.

As in Europe the influence of the churches on society is not that revealed in society, the big money just has to deal with the media. - and they are easy to handle. Germany - as I think - is no longer run by politicians but by lobbyist - manly the big investors and the big shareholders.

The big mistake in this kind of capitalism is, that the realy big money can never loose, they have created - with the active help of Ex-chancellor Gerhard Schröder - a system of shares, bets and lobbyism has ben created, that gives the really rich a win-win situation. --- without them ever have to take responsiblility.
If their investments go wrong - what they seldom do - These investors just sell there shares - Teir loss is minimized just by selling their poisoned shares- without ANY responsibility for their mis -investment. And NOBODY is reminding the superrich on any responsibility what they do.
hugs around
<3 miles

randy said...

Hi Miles;
I am not completely sure I followed you correctly on this comment, but I found interesting parts...
I think people who make money for a living, investors, sometimes lose perspective. I think they sometimes get so wrapped up in the game, the money, that they forget that lives do swing upon those dollars, that real people are in that system, and perhaps they don't even care.
It is the role of the government in oversight to ensure that the little guys don't get run over by those types, that there is a somewhat fair playing field. But, I think the governments are more and more often giving in to their own greed.