Monday, August 6, 2012

The dark road...

Hello Friends;

  I was just over to Milkboys.  I saw Greyson Chance sing (LINK)and followed a link to see Troye Sivan sing (LINK).  Loved both songs.  The comments, though.... how incredible they were!  People picking apart these kids like they were some sort of Simon Cowell clones, with often little regard to the youngsters being criticized.  Who are these people to be so negative....
   ....  but, isn't it the way we do things far too often?  I am so weak in that area.  All too often, I've been so very cruel behind someone's back.  Oh, I'd never say it to their face; I wouldn't want to hurt someone's feelings.  Yet, the world isn't so very large that what one says about another, especially an associate, wouldn't make it back to him.  I'm trying to change that...  easier said than done.
  I don't always feel so good about myself.  I've had a number of people in my life telling me I'm not worth much, and that guy in the mirror has said it far too often as well.  It makes me feel a bit better about myself sometimes to know that I'm doing better in some fashion than someone else.  Sometimes...
  And then, I realize that I'm doing the same to that person that others have done to me.  I'm picking on some small fault and missing the beautiful person behind the flaw.  Who am I to be such a critic?  Who am I to infect others with my negativity? 

  So, my challenge to myself some time back was to simply not do this.  I've tried to be positive to even the most difficult of people, lift them up, be nice.  I don't have to take them to dinner, just be polite.  I don't have to blow sunshine up their ass, just smile and say hello.  I don't have to support their every move, but I don't have to talk trash about them behind their back either. 


Anonymous said...

Hi Randy,
..., and exactely this is the reason, why LGBT-youth's progress is soooo slowly - I believe, ehmmm.
To see hate comments against other LGBT people is so rediculess AND annoying.

randy said...

Well Miles;
I guess we can be a bit "catty". But, you hit some very high wisdom there.
You know, as ironic as it can possibly be... I stopped by to see if anyone responded to my comment on Milkboys... the first comment after mine was more negatives against the singer. Some people don't see, or don't care.

Scottie said...

a most worthy goal you set Randy. I love it so much I will set it as one of mine. I have found that if you are positive and friendly, others take a positive from your meeting, but if you are grumpy, negative or unpleasant...they take that from the meeting as well. I would love to say all the people meeting I have had has been positive...but we are all human. Hugs.