Sunday, March 24, 2013

Animals are Smarter than People

Odd little site I found.  The site is listed on the bottom right of the pic.  Thought this one applicable to me.   Hugs.


Anonymous said...

Unconditional, always.
Love it, cute comic!

Peace <3

Sammy B said...

Hello Randy
That's because animals are not so dumb as to subscribe to religion!

Love & best wishes
Sammy B

Scottie said...

Hello Randy. I have been following this guys comic since I saw him on
I think the guy is funny and interesting. I am going to post a link to him on my blog. Thanks. Hugs

randy said...

Hi Guys;
Please do visit this young man's site.
I am so lucky. I have lost a great portion of my family for being who I am, but my dog loves me for being who I am. Since I find I like my dog a whole lot more than I ever liked those who removed me from the family, I will listen to the dog.

Hugs to you all;