Monday, March 18, 2013

Karma and the power of Showing Up.

Hi Friends;

Life is Amazing!
  Interesting weekend, interesting Monday.  I had a sore throat Thursday and even worse Friday.  But, made it home in one piece.... tried to get some sleep.  Finally did the "salt water gargle" trick.  Sort of worked more into a "salt water gag", but so goes....  It worked, and I slept for 12 straight hours.  Anyway, I managed to meet my responsibilities with the rescue organization over the weekend, Sunday seeing two dogs adopted out of Animal Control - which made me very happy.  Very sad to have to send the others back, but happy that two found a new home.
  But, I was miserable for most of Sunday.  Weak, feverish, and holding on to a dog that was just so very excited to be out of her cage and around people who would give her attention.  If I hadn't gone, she would not have had her day in the sun.  So, I'm glad I went.  But, today, I've felt the consequences.  Still, no matter - I felt like a million bucks seeing those two go to new homes, in part simply just because I showed.
  You see, the irony is that one of the dogs who went, one who was adopted and the focus for this article,  was not slated to go to the adoption event.  We had enough people for one more dog.  This one more dog, who was a senior dog but oh, so beautiful, was given up by her prior owners.  Just given away to the Animal Control.  Thrown away.  Not because she was a bad dog. Not because they couldn't afford to feed her.  Just couldn't be bothered anymore.  Well, she is going to a near mansion, and I mean that literally.  That, my friends, is called Karma.
  When you care, your actions may cost you a bit.  They may be inconvenient.  They may even have consequences which don't feel all that good.  But, giving a bit of care, as small as that may be in the moment, can literally be the very world for someone else.  And, so, though I physically feel horrible, shivering under a blanket and head feeling apt to explode from the sinus pressure, I feel downright fantastic because I cared - ok, really, all I did was show up!  But, it made the difference.


Anonymous said...

Very cool! I love it when doggies find new forever homes! You are to be commended for soldiering through the misery - and look what happened! TWO happy pups! And yes, you DID care! Even if all you had to do was show up.

Peace <3

randy said...

Hi Jay;
working with the AC dogs is a bit of a heart tug. Behind every return trip is the knowledge that we may never see those dogs again. So, I couldn't call off sick, which would have meant that one dog wouldn't even have had their shot at being seen.
I'm paying for it now... but that's ok. I guess I just want people to see that a person doesn't have to change the world, they just have to show up and care.