Friday, August 23, 2013

Former Cop Advocates for Legalizing Drugs

Hello All;

  This really isn't something I know all that much about, so found this very interesting.  I would imagine his numbers fairly accurate, so have no real argument against his claims.  Watch the vid and let me know what you think.  Frankly, I found myself agreeing with the man.
  I would like to point out a lesson Miles taught me:  Who Profits.  If something seems to be completely backwards and doesn't work, yet there is a push for it, seeing Who Profits will tell you why.  hugs.


Anonymous said...

Well, pot at least. Wish I could get some.

We spend more money trying to eradicate marijuana than all other illegal drugs combined, yet make NO dent in the demand or supply. So many people are in jail for ridiculously low drug charges that it isn't even funny.

Want to end poverty? Stop the drug wars.

Oh good heavens don't get me started!!!!

Peace <3

Scottie said...

Thank you Randy for sharing this. I loved it, the guy is smart and makes a lot of sense.

One thing to think on. Most of the drug use now is prescription drug use. Most of the people in their fifties and higher take several different medications for pain. I have been told by doctors that medical weed could help these people, me included, but it is not legal, where prescribing me lots of narcotics is ?? Hugs

randy said...

Hi Jay;
We do seem to have odd ways of doing thing in this country, don't we. People are horrified by this man's belief that we should legalize drugs, yet he's right... this war is stupid. And, as you say, look at the money and time and lives!!! that we could change.

randy said...

Hi Scottie;
I am reminded of my Grandmother... she got to the point where she lost her desire to live, I think. She didn't find food attractive at all anymore, was in pain... I said - give her a joint. Nope.. can't do that. We can give her morphine, but not weed, they said. But, weed will dull her pain and give her the munchies - a win/win, I said. Illegal, they said. She died in pain, almost starved to death really.