Tuesday, August 20, 2013

A Weekend Trip

Hello All;

  I just wanted to share with you some pics of my weekend trip to see my parents.  They live on a small inland lake.  It looks bigger in the pictures than it is, rules are nothing more than an electric trolling motor, if that gives you a hint about size.  We went for a ride on the pontoon boat - Gracie's first ride on a boat.  She was a bit anxious but seemed to enjoy it.  I really hope to inherit this place and retire here in some 30 years or so.  Very peaceful.  I love it!

 The house is up on a hill.  This is standing on the back deck looking down at the lake.
 Still on the deck, just looking a bit left...  That's Mom and Dad's pontoon boat on the left.
 Reverse angle from those above.... Gracie wondering what is taking me so long.  
 Family of Canada Geese.  Dang things poop all over the place!
Riding in the pontoon boat.  What a nice day it was!
Gracie's first ride!  Reverse angle of the above pic.  I was half expecting her to jump in after the geese or turtles or something.  But, we arrived back home dry.


Sammy B said...

Hello Randy
What a fantastic spot! If I can retire to a place a quarter as nice, I'd be thrilled to bits!

Love & best wishes
Sammy B

randy said...

Yeah... hoping it is still there, or more, that I am still here! when it comes time to retire. I really do love it there.
Maybe you could come visit??

Scottie said...

Randy, I love it, it is grand, and so good for Gracie. I know you love planting and growing things, I think you would really do some spectacular wild flower gardens and such....

I love it when you post pictures. I see so much in them and the captions you use. Please think about posting more of them. Say hello to all for me. Hugs

Anonymous said...

Very nice! I love it. And yeah, you can keep the Canada geese, we hate them down here, but can't seem to get rid of the poop machines.

I'm sure Gracie would love living in the country! Plenty of wildlife to chase where she doesn't have to get wet.

Peace <3

randy said...

Hi Scottie;

I do enjoy posting pics. Gracie had a great time. As I was leaving I think she actually did take a second to decide if she was coming along. I just wish I could make it up there more often.

randy said...

Hi Jay;
The squirrels and chipmunks shake for weeks after we come home, I bet. That crazy mutt is up and down that hill chasing anything that dares to move.
Mom and Dad love having her come to see them just so she will keep the geese off the lakefront.
Your family visit seemed to be enjoyable for you!

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA! Poor animals (NOT!).

Yes, it was totally awesome!!!! For many, many reasons. Thanks!

Peace <3