Tuesday, August 20, 2013

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  I noticed this on a surf, thought it interesting.  The belief in God is not hand in hand with giving disrespect and abuse to His creations, but it sure seems that way sometimes.  I do believe in God, I do believe that He is real - in some fashion I'll likely never understand, and that's ok.  I believe He doesn't need me to cast judgement.  He's a big boy, and can handle His own business.  I believe that all He really needs from me is to love what He loves, to respect Him enough to care for His creations, and to be as good a person as I can manage.  And, if in the end, I find that there is no God, there is no Heaven, then if I have made a "heaven" about me, I've lead a good life, I've helped all I could and made no-one feel less than important, then it's been a good life.  On the other hand, if I am judgemental, mean, etc.... would I want to follow a God that finds such pleasing?


Bigoted Christian Extremists Get Lost At Sea For Months After Leaving US In Protest Of Homosexuality

I’m laughing so hard. I might need a few mins to compose myself….
When the Gastonguay family sailed away from America in May, they believed they were leaving behind a government that supports taxes, abortion, and homosexuality. You see, they’re the kind of Christians who feel persecuted because the government won’t adhere to Biblical law that supposedly outlaws gays and bans a woman’s right to choose. They are also convinced that government controls the churches because being gay and choosing to have an abortion aren’t illegal. So they left the United States in protest and set course for the island of Kiribati, which is between Hawaii and Australia.
The family took “a leap of faith” and believed God would answer their prayers to take them to a land where they can practice their extreme and hateful religious beliefs. Well, God responded and it was epic.
The Gastonguay family swiftly got lost at sea and remained that way for 91 days. During that period of time, their vessel was battered again and again by squalls and storms. The only food they had left consisted of honey and juice.
A Canadian cargo ship spotted them and offered them some supplies. But the large ship bumped into the small boat, resulting in even more damage.
With their supplies running low, they were eventually picked up by a Venezuelan fishing vessel that spotted them.
The captain said, ‘Do you know where you’re at? You’re in the middle of nowhere,’” Gastonguay told the Associated Press.
Upon being rescued by the fishing boat, they were transferred to a Japanese cargo ship which arrived in Chile two weeks later. The US Embassy there then arranged for the family to be flown back home to Arizona, presumably on the government’s dime, which wouldn’t be possible without taxes. Taxes also pay the US Coast Guard, which gladly kept relatives informed of where the Gastonguays were and how they were doing. One thing that taxes do not pay for is abortion, all because of the Hyde Amendment which forbids federal tax dollars from being used to fund the procedure.
As for homosexuality and abortion, both are protected by the Constitution. The Constitution, which unlike the Bible is the true law of the land in America, protects the equal rights of all people, even a gay person’s right to get married and be treated fairly. It also protects women’s privacy and personal liberty, thus protecting the right to choose. Also, if the Gastonguays actually paid attention, they would know that churches aren’t controlled by the state due to the fact that there is a wall of separation between the two. Churches aren’t taxed either.
To be sure, the Gastonguay family had a long and eventful journey. But their story makes one wonder why more conservative Christians aren’t following their lead. Surely they would enjoy living in other nations such as Russia, where gays are outlawed. Or Somalia, where government is powerless and guns are everywhere. Or perhaps they’d be much happier in Iran, where women are oppressed and there is a state religion. Or maybe even North Korea, where the poor starve and massive military budgets are the norm.
See a pattern? All of these nations have values that run contrary to our constitutional ideals but fall in line with the ideals of the extremist conservatives of today. America would more than likely be much better off if conservatives sailed away like the Gastonguays to places where they can feel right at home oppressing people and forcing their beliefs on others. Then they can stop bitching about taxes, gays, and women’s rights, and the rest of us can get on with moving this country forward.


Sammy B said...

Hello Randy
I saw this story a week or so ago, and was amazed by the stupidity of these people, both in terms of what they did, and their stated reasons for doing it. The saddest aspect, from my perspective, is that they have two young children, who have not only had their lives put in jeopardy by their parents' recklessness, but will doubtless be brought up to believe the same nonsense. And the most ironic aspect is that they will almost certainly be praising their (in my opinion, you already know we need to agree to disagree on this point) imaginary god for the 'miracle' of their rescue.

Love & best wishes
Sammy B

randy said...

Hi Sammy;
Yes, we disagree on that, but that's ok. I love and respect you for you, not because we agree on everything. And, I would hope you feel somewhat similar.
It does remind me of that old joke about the fundamentalists in a flood, praying that the flood would end... they are up on their roof, water all around and up comes a boat..."get on" the boater says, but the fundamentalists say... "no, God will provide". The boater moves away, shaking his head. Similar happens again, same result. Finally they are perched on their chimney, water to their necks when up comes a helicopter with a rope ladder... "Get on" the pilot says. The fundamentalist hollers back "God will provide, we don't need to rely on man". Sure enough, they die and in heaven they ask God "why did you forsake us??" God responded "I sent you two boats and a helicopter! Faith is great, but you were given brains for a reason".
I think some all too often read the bible for what they want to believe and don't bother to think about things.

I send you hugs, Sammy!

Scottie said...

Hello Randy, I love it. You did a great job with this post. I also wonder about the idea of willing putting young children in danger , if that is "child Abuse". Look if I lock my child in the car while I go shopping, that is abuse, If I fail to feed, clothe, or give medical care to my child, the state sees that as abuse. So what these parents did must be abuse also.

Mind if I reblog this post. Thanks. Hugs from Scottie.

randy said...

Hi Scottie;
I guess as long as someone can prove it is for religious reasons, any degree of stupidity is tolerated.


Anonymous said...

Hallo Randy,
you said: "I guess as long as someone can prove it is for religious reasons, any degree of stupidity is tolerated."
Does this means that the state provides the religion over the child's welfare?
Here in Germany, parents (Jehovah's Witnesses)were convicted of "non-assistance", and lost custody of their children when they seek medical help, or needed a blood transfusion and the parents refused to consent.
There were even cases that parents emigrated to the USA so they can teach their children there for their religious beliefs by "homeschooling". Religious education is not a reason for "homeschooling" in Germany.
Gruß Nikki

randy said...

Hi Nikki;
I said that as sarcasm, but it's fairly close to the truth as well. In some cases, the freedoms that we enjoy as Americans can quickly be abused. Common sense, as they say, is not so common.
The state will step in for "imminent danger", or, if it believes that the child is in danger. Unfortunately, that is only physical danger. They seem to allow a kids mind and spirit to be damaged without too much concern - but then, the state is a guilty of that as well.
I'm not sure about the laws regarding medical procedures here for JW's and others who don't believe in healthcare. I looked it up a bit and found that the courts have really done poorly on this one.
I've used this before, but if I were to argue with such a person I would tell this story: A family is in a flood. Waters rise, they climb to their roof and pray for a miracle. Along comes a boat. "Climb in and I'll take you to safety", the boater yells.
'No, no... God will provide a miracle for us' the family says.
Soon, the water is about their feet even on the roof, still they pray for a miracle. Along comes another boat. "Come on, we are heading for dry land" the boater yells.
'No, no.... God will provide a miracle for us' the family says.
Soon, they are on top of the highest point of the roof, water about their necks, still praying for a miracle. Along comes a helicopter. "Climb up the ladder" the pilot hollers down.
'No, no... God will provide a miracle for us' the family says.
Well, they drowned. In heaven they see God and cry out "why did you forsake us".
God replies "What do you want from me? I sent you two boats and a helicopter!

Well, that would be my argument to people who pray for a miracle rather than see a doctor. God sent lots of doctors.

Of course, these same people have no problem taking their car to a mechanic....