Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Inflation Calculator

Hello Everyone;

  I was searching for some understandings on my wages recently and found this interesting site.  It includes an inflation calculator.  Plug in the dollar amount and for what year, and it will calculate the equivilant to the year you desire.  Such as:  $5.00 in 1970 is equivelent to a bit over $30 now.   Here is the site:

  Want to see something interesting?  Plug in the difficult wage your Daddy always used to talk about when he started out and see what that equates to now.   For me, my father's so very difficult to handle starting wage is twice what I make.

  Bring tissues.... this will hurt.


Scottie said...

Hello Randy. I plugged what I made for income in the year 1992, and found out that I should be making over 75 grand this year. As I am not doing so you can see our wages have slipped badly and our buying power is no where near what it was. I am making the same wage I was then, but in a different field. According to the calculator I should be bringing home over 36 dollars an hour. So add to that the cost of things being so much higher now, the electric we use, to the milk and food we eat, to the gas for our cars. Oh and cars..get real, my van cost more than my first home did.

This just shows that the lower economic rung has not only failed to keep up while the higher income end has jumped ahead with huge gains made from our loss. It has to stop soon or we simply wont have the ability to care, feed, clothe our self's and our loved ones. I am afraid it will be like the pictures I have seen of the depression with people having no where to go and no means of support. Why is minimum wage not a living wage? How can it be good for a country if the majority of its people can not afford food, clothing, and housing, much less a few additional items for a little better living. In 1989 I was making enough money to buy a house, a new truck and have money left over to save and put away for retirement. Now that is not possible. I was only using my own income then, today it takes both Ron's and my income to make it and pay the bills, and that is with nothing left over to splurge or retire on. Take a young person James age and they have no chance at getting ahead. Sad. Thanks for posting this calculator. Hugs

randy said...

Hi Scottie;

I'm glad you got use of it. It is amazing how our income has slipped!!

And then to hear those morons on Fox declare that 250,000 is near poverty??? I could only wish to be so impoverished!