Saturday, August 10, 2013

Nakie pic of Gracie on her bed... sort of

Hi Friends;

  I gave Gracie a bath today.  She has been playing hard, and somehow that always includes rollling in the dirt and other wonderfully - to her - smelly things.  Something odd about a dog; they find something particularly nasty smelling and their first idea is to roll in it.  Not the wisest of animals, but very fun to have around.
  Gracie's collar was quite dirty, so it had to go through the washing with the towels.  So, for one of the rare times of her life, Gracie is nakie.  Doesn't seem to mind... maybe my Gracie is a naturist??
  Hugs all!


SEAN (The Jeep Guy) said...

She's giving you such a look!

randy said...

She's my best friend. She makes me laugh everyday. Thanks for visiting, Sean.


Scottie said...

Wow, Randy, great pic, you should do more photos. Hugs

randy said...

Well, I had a great model :)