Sunday, September 22, 2013


I just got done talking with Scottie.  We IM a few times a week.  We talked about our morning.... I have been busy already caring for the neighbor's two dogs and realized how I never thought my dog really was so well behaved until having to clean up poop from the neighbor dog two days running.  Bleh!   But, back to my point... we were talking about this guy who is starting his own white supremacist town.  Here's the link to Scotties post:    Now, it was a fairly intense idea, conversation, moral issues and... wow, I just felt depressed at the end of it from how trite and hateful people can be.  So, perhaps that is why I find myself unable to not post about this....

  You see, after talking about such a striking issue with Scottie, I went to check the weather.  I put both of those poopie dogs outside - one is little and not sure how long I can leave him out.  I checked the weather channel to see if I need to go let the little one back in. It's about 57 and sunny right now - nice morning, really.   Perhaps just a bit cold for the little guy.... and then for some reason, I found myself yelling at the screen.  I do that on occasion... the medications just aren't working, I guess.  Here is a similar pic to the one that had me screaming:
 Now, again, that is not the actual one.  I got this one from google images.   But, look.... does it really matter if we "love" or "ugh!" the weather?  Will it change if we offer enough negative opinion?  Maybe I can use logic and reason to change the weather's mind?
  At what point do we simply have to acknowledge that reality is what it is, and it really doesn't matter if I "love" it or, well, "ugh!".   And, why am I screaming at my screen again?

I sure hope you "like" my post...   ok, now I'm giggling.


Scottie said...

Ah, the joy's of living by your self , no one notices an out burst at the TV or even the toaster. If I do that James and Ron first check my meds and then my glass to see how much bourbon I may have put in it. LOL

Have a great day and don't worry we all know you "voted". we just are not sure which way?? Hugs

randy said...

I am so glad and somewhat concerned that you understand me. ha! I did scare the dog. She's fairly certain I've lost my mind and has decided it must be in the other room so has gone to look for it - - away from the crazy person.
I've decided I'm going to "love" the weather because I want the sun to shine today. If I "ugh" the weather, it may make a cloud cry...

May your day be full of sunshine... you know, if you "like" that sort of stuff.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes it amazes me the lengths that organizations will go to to provide an "interactive" experience on their websites. Yeesh. Here's another good one: I found myself using a different newspaper site than normal to read my comics. And people COMMENT on the comics! They act like these are real people, they comment on what's on the table during dinner, they carp about the characters' decisions, dialog, you name it. It's funny as hell. One commenter even said "you people do realize you're commenting on a comic strip, right?" He got no response, but the same commenters were there the next day!

I suspect the same people who click Like or Ugh on the weather also comment on comic strips, and are the ones who can't post an original idea on Facebook, all they can do is Share someone else's pictures, opinions, etc.

Peace <3

randy said...

That made me laugh that the people never acknowledged the commenter's rebuke. It's as if they screamed "we know what's behind the curtain" and stuck their fingers in their ears as they chant "la-la-la"
And, perhaps that's the simple truth of us. Don't look behind the curtain.