Saturday, September 28, 2013

Some where, some day, maybe

Hi Friends;
  I was just feeling a bit down today.  One of the downsides of living alone - occasionally I need a hug...  So, listening to music today, this song started to play.  I sang along a bit and before long Gracie came to give me a hug.  Not sure if it was me voicing my need for a hug or her attempt to distract me from singing.  Poor thing, probably hurt her ears.  Oh well, feel better now.     Hugs to all!


Anonymous said...

Guten Morgen Randy,

As long as the milk is not sour, keep singing! (this is a figure of speech here at our)
Singing illuminates the mood.
I also practiced this - sometimes even when cycling. (But then just quietly hum).
I wish you a nice Sunday with plenty of reason to sing.

randy said...

Ah, Thank You, Nikki;
I'm just not sure the poor dog could take it. LOL.

I like that saying. I may borrow that some time.

May your day be wonderful in so many ways!


Scottie said...

Hello Randy, While not my favorite version of this song, I still love it. I offer you the grandest long distance hugs I can give. Just remember even though you live alone with the exception of Gracie, you are never really alone... Hugs

randy said...

Thank you, Scottie;
I send long-distance hugs right back to you and am so glad to be your brother.