Thursday, September 19, 2013

What If?

Have you ever played "What If"?  What if is a great exercise.  While in one extreme, it can task the ludicrous and temp silliness with plausibility.  But, in a healthy approach, it is a great way to remove the situation from the core concepts, the truth behind the facts - if you will.  So, this is a question I would send off to Mr. Lively and those of his ilk.

  You see, there are no real statements we can point to clearly showing that Christ was sexually active in any form.  We can draw some very simple conclusions, and yet they are all quite misleading with a simple point of view change.
  I would guess there is someone out there who will respond with "so what".  And, then my response would be "Exactly".

If Jesus Were Gay
By Emanuel Xavier

If Jesus were gay,
would you tattoo him to your body?
hang him from your chest?
pray to him and worship the Son of Man?
Would you still praise him
after dying for your sins?

If it was revealed Jesus kissed another man,
but not on the cheek,
would you still beg him for forgiveness?
ask him for miracles?
hope your loved ones get to meet him
in heaven?

If Jesus were gay,
and still loved by God and Mary
because he was their child after all
hailed by all angels and feared by demons,
would you still long to be healed by him?
take him into your home and comfort him?
heal his wounds and break bread with him?

Would wars be waged over religion?
Would world leaders invoke his name
for votes?
Would churches everywhere rejoice
and celebrate his life?
Would rappers still thank him
in their acceptance speeches?

If the crown of thorns
were placed on his head
to mock him as the “Queen of the Jews”
If he was whipped
because fags are considered
sadomasochistic sodomites,
If he was crucified
for the brotherhood of man
would you still repent?

Would you pray to him
when you were dying?
If he didn’t ask for you to be just like him,
If he only wanted you to love yourself,
If he asked that you not judge others,
Would you still wait for him to come back and save your soul?

Would you deny him?
Would you believe in peace?
Would there still be hate?
Would there still be hell?

Would there be laws
based on the meaning of true love?
What would Jesus do?

What would you do?


Sammy B said...

Hello Randy
I suspect the reaction of uber-bigots like Lively to a poem like this would be to want to prosecute the writer in some country with anti-blasphemy laws, for 'disrespecting their religious feelings'. And then carry on hating, while pretending their attitudes are born of their 'Christian love'. The only definitive solution, as far as I'm concerned, is for humanity to grow up and consign all these imaginary Bronze Age superstitions to the dustbin of history where they so richly belong.

Love & best wishes
Sammy B

randy said...

Hi Sammy;
I have long thought that persons like Mr. Lively would quickly put Christ back up on the cross first chance they got, where they could control Him.
The interesting thing about Jesus in the Gospels is that his life previous to his ministry is a near complete unknown. At one time, there was presumption that Mary Magdalene was a romantic/sexual interest, which sent many into apoplexy.
Perhaps just as unknown, what if Christ was gay? Of course, there are arguments against, but those for?: a) He was unmarried. b) He surrounded himself with single or seperated men. c) It is presumptive to believe that as a man he had no sexual outlet needs. d) There is translation that the Roman Centurion's Slave who Jesus healed was his homosexual lover, and Jesus blessed the Roman Centurian's faith rather than condemn him for his romance.
But, the real point of the poem: If Christ were found to be gay.... and I have no idea how to show that; lets face it, His own very words are routinely ignored for convenience.... but if He were found to be gay, would those who profess him their Lord and Master still do so? Would they still love Him?
And, that, of course, is the trick of having a God. But, don't worry, there are more "gods" than those found in bronze age superstitions.


Scottie said...

Thank you Randy....what there a way to ever get through to those who do not want to listen, to hear ??? many hugs

randy said...

Hi Scottie;
Well, I guess Prejudice is fairly difficult to change, especially if there seems rationale for it.
I like the poem. Maybe like many things in this world, we just have to wait for the old jerks to die as the younger and less hateful grow.