Sunday, October 20, 2013

I am Offended

Good Morning Everyone.
  I took a few minutes with my coffee before heading out to get to work this morning to look at the news, the blogs I enjoy - but rarely comment on. Sorry, randy is an idiot.   But, you knew that.  Anyway, here is why I found myself quite offended:
Now, perhaps I am just over-reacting.  Perhaps it is just my tired mind and body rebelling against the "rich and powerful".  I don't know...I understand politicians try to "blend in", dress like the common man and seem more like us.  But, let me tell you a few things that I see right away...

1.  That Carhart - style at least - coat costs around $100 or much, much more.  It is not an affectation, it is a tool (Much like mr. cruz yet differently).  The reason that the coat costs so much is that it breathes very well, helping a person who works hard to not sweat too much.  Further, they are near indestructible, standing up to a great deal of abuse and use.

2.  That Denim Shirt.  Again, such were made for their ability to breath and take abuse.

What you see there, my friends, is Rural Camouflage.  Just like hunters going into the woods where pictures of leaves, twigs and tree bark on their clothing to blend in and seem appear not dangerous to those living there, this man wears Urban Camouflage to appear harmless, "one of us".  Trust me in this, that hunter ain't no tree and this man is dangerous!

  You see, what pisses me off, as I get ready to go out and work for a living on a Sunday morning, is that I have never seen a Carhart in such nice shape.  Anyone who uses one, ANYONE, will tell you that they get scuffs, stains, etc.  And, that denim shirt - any bets it cost more that the jacket?
  Not only that....  you see, what pisses me off is that I have scars on my hands,  Dirt under my fingernails that just never seems to scrub out but lasts for days no matter what I try.  This man has a frickin' manicure!  (I looked at other pics).  His skin isn't torn from nails, engines, beams or whatever.   A frickin' manicure!!

I see you cruz.  Only dumb animals are fooled by that camouflage.


Jay M. said...

Yup. Dead on, dude!

Peace <3

randy said...

Thank you, Jay.
Glad I wasn't alone on that one...


Sammy B said...

Hello Randy
The words 'politician' and 'hypocrite' are completely interchangeable, in my opinion.

Love & best wishes
Sammy B

randy said...

Hi Sammy;
I thought it was a job requirement?


Scottie said...

Hello Randy. The difference between you and him, or them, is you are real, you are a worker, you work hard, sweat, move, and do stuff that gets you dirty and damages your clothing. They preen and ask for your money.
I think you are worth so many times more than one of them that I can't explain it.

Oh and thanks for being such a great brother this week. I am getting better and I sure needed the support you gave. Hugs

randy said...

oh, you are always welcome, Scottie;
I don't work nearly so hard as many I know, but how offensive this man's "rural camouflage" is to me! And, should be to every working person!