Thursday, October 24, 2013

There be monsters there...

Hello Friends;

  I recently ran across a picture that startled me.  I, like most people, have certain things I focus on in my reading, other things seem to slip by without notice.  But, the pictures below made me think about other things, such as how the republicans seem intent on giving this country to corporations at every turn.  An article printed in 2011 by is an example of that.
  If you look beyond the article, you will see what the republicans seem desperate to arrange.  The sky in this picture right here is beautiful, but look what happens when unchecked emissions enter the environment.
  This is why I believe the republicans are the most dangerous little critters to arrive on this planet.

WASHINGTON, DC — The new spending plan laid out by House Republicans would slash theEnvironmental Protection Agency's budget by nearly a third and prevent it from using funds for greenhouse gas regulations.
The plan (PDF), referred to as a "CR," or continuous resolution, would reduce the agency's budget by $3 billion, while its research-driven Global Change program would also see about a 30 percent hit.
Other agencies working on energy or climate-related matters would also see their funding shrivel up, including the Department of Energy, Department of Interior, NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.
The moves are part of Republican efforts to trim $100 billion from the budget, largely driven by a raft of Tea Party candidates who joined the House of Representatives after the 2010 mid-term elections. The GOP originally sought cuts totaling $32 billion, but freshmen legislators forced the party to ramp up cuts and make good on their campaign promises.


Scottie said...

hello Randy. We all breath and need clean air, need clean water and safe food. So it makes you wonder why they are trying to get rid of the safeguards . Hugs

randy said...

I think those who have money figure they have places they can go where they will have clean air, etc. Unfortunately, they don't seem to understand this is the only planet we have. Greed, avarice, apathy, shortsidedness.... these seem to be the Republican mantra. Oh, well.... Scottie, I think gas masks are sexy....nope.