Saturday, November 9, 2013

Fall colors in Michigan, or, what goes up a tree must fall... and be picked up.

Hello Everyone;

  It's been a while, but a bit ago I went to see my parents.  I thought I'd put up the pictures from that endeavor.... I just took a few... I'm posting these differently, so please let me know if they suddenly disappear on you.  I'll redo the post the old way.

This, of course, is my Gracie.  We hiked down to a near-by campground area early Saturday morning.  As you can imagine, Gracie loves it up there.  I believe if heaven exists for dogs, it would look a lot like this.
I liked this picture.  Sort of has all sorts of elements of a good photograph; movement, leading lines towards the center while above the eyes are able to easily open back out and view the whole, color, reflection, hard and soft colors.... now only if it had a good photographer to capture it!  Gracie went down these stairs to get a closer look at the creek and I tried to get a picture of her on the stairs.  I'm too slow.
  After a moment, I followed to get my own look and Gracie followed a squirrel smell off into the area above, then suddenly realized she couldn't find me.  Poor thing panicked.   Isn't it nice to be needed?

These two are from the folks house, looking out over the lake.  My parents bought this place when I was 11, going into it with my two aunts/uncles.  This is where we spent a great deal of time since it fairly well tapped out any reserve any of them had, but I lived on that lake as a kid.  Terrorized the poor bluegills and swam until I looked like a prune.    I hated to leave at the end of the stay - life seemed different there; the horrible things didn't seem to be there or I was off on my own so much that I simply escaped them.

And, now, a bit of the reason I've not been on line so much doing postings...

Fall has arrived!  I work my day shift job from can't see until 3:15, then come home and clean up leaves until I can't see anymore.  I love this time of the year, but I do get tired of doing leaves every dang day!

I hope you all are doing well right now.  I know November, especially in the northern states, can be grey and cold, depressing.  Write me if you like, we can be cold and grey together :) lol       Hugs!


Anonymous said...


Thanks for sharing something so personal. The Gracie picture is so close to home...the lake is awesome.

Best post ever.

Peace <3

randy said...

Thank you Jay;
I'm glad you like them. I lead a very simple life...